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Phil Collen Talks About Exciting Studio Album Sessions - Audio

Friday, 13th June 2014

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed in April for the Talk Is Jericho and he talked about the 2015 studio album recording sessions.

During the 50 minute interview Phil talks about boxing, playing with KISS in Girl, the co-headline status of the Summer Tour 2014, package tours with big bands, musical influences, playing Photograph/Love Bites live, Steve Clark's song/riff writing, the 2015 studio album, Delta Deep, Manraze, working with Mutt Lange, the VIVA Hysteria! residency, health/training on the road, his 2013 hand injury, juicing, the Rock Of Ages play/movie, the iTunes issue, Vivian's health, his favourite live song to play and future release plans.

Phil spoke about the February recording session for the next album and working with Mutt Lange.

The interview was conducted by Chris Jericho in April. Phil guested on his band Liberty N' Justice's song 'Best Time You Never Had' in 2010.

Listen to the full interview via the link below. Phil's part starts at 18:56mins in until 1hr8mins57secs into the 1hr18min podcast.

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Talk Is Jericho - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Next Album

"Actually this was really weird cause we said perhaps we'll get a song or an EP or something for next year and we went over to Joe's house in Dublin and got eleven songs started which is - it blew me away cause we're notoriously slow and we don't really get that thing together. So it was just really good and everyone was very open minded about different ideas and everything and there was so many different ideas flying around that it was just a - it was just very exciting. So I go back in May I think I go - May the 15th I think we kick off again and do some more. More writing."

Working with Mutt again

"Yeah I think the problem we always have is cause - like I said we traditionally take so long I don't think he doesn't really have to time any more. he does so much other stuff that I don't think we could fit it in. I mean unless we done like a song which - I don't you you know but we're actually on a bit of a roll Def Leppard with the songwriting already so yeah I'm looking forward to going back in May."

Album Release?

"I think it'll probably be next year because like I said it's not actually gonna be an EP or a single song it's actually gonna be a real album. So that's exciting in itself."

Album Release Plans

"I think there's lots of different ways you can do it. There's basically two options you either go with one of these major labels if they make a really good deal or you can just go out on your own and actually just release it yourself through an independent you know a licensing and distribution and everything and then just do your own promo. That's a bit more difficult cause there's lots of different ways you can do that. But yeah they're the two options really but we haven't even got there yet because you know the songs are not finished yet. Some of them are quite along the way so it's great and you know it's gonna be next year. So we've got a lot of time to actually think about that."

Manraze On Delta Deep Song

"We actually on the Delta Deep album their playing one of the tracks. It's actually Manraze but with Debbie (Blackwell-Cook) singing on it That's really cool as well."

Second Residency

"And hopefully we're gonna do it again. We got an offer but we're not sure when we'll be able to do it yet."