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Phil Collen Talks About 2014 Setlist/Mexican Show - Audio

Wednesday, 18th June 2014

Def Leppard/KISS 2014.
Def Leppard/KISS Tour 2014

Phil Collen has been interviewed by Chris Epting and talked about the Def Leppard/KISS Summer Tour 2014 setlist and the last show which will take place in Mexico.

The long rumoured Mexico City show will take place in early September with some local fans suggesting it would be at Foro Sol Stadium.

The initial 42 show run was announced at a press conference on 17th March in Los Angeles.

If not at Foro Sol stadium the show could be held indoors at these three venues played by Lep on previous tours - Arena Ciudad de Mexico (2012), Auditorio Nacional (2005), Palacio de los Deportes (1993).

In the 18 minute interview Phil talked about the Summer Tour 2014, the 2015 studio album recording sessions, Delta Deep album/touring and new Manraze music. Listen to it via the link below.

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Music Backstage - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Summer Tour 2014 Setlist/Rehearsals

"This one's completely different to what we normally do. We have a setlist already figured out. Normally we play a little bit longer you know but because it's a co-headline thing with KISS we're both playing kind of a short amount of time we're doing an hour 15 so we have to cram everything in there so. We have the benefit of a lot of live material on albums like the Mirrorball stuff and VIVA! Hysteria. So we actually were able to work a setlist out based on all the songs. You know we had all the songs that we did in Vegas. We got all those off the VIVA! Hysteria album and all the Mirrorball stuff."

"So we can actually rehearse which I have been doing, and I know Joe does this religiously, at home along to ourselves. You just play along to yourselves and sing along. Joe sings everyday so he can get his voice in shape. And it's something he probably did on the last tour. But this is kind of a new thing for us. Unless we're doing brand new songs which next year we will be. You know we'll have a new album we have 15 songs already. But in the meantime for this one we're kind of rehearsing like this you know. It's really interesting and obviously we've got to wait to see how Viv's gonna do because you know he's got to get the all clear from all the doctors and all that stuff. So we won't be rehearsing as long as we normally do. So this has been very interesting. My normal thing apart from playing along to these songs is the work out routine and the diet thing."

Mexican Show

"We finish in Mexico as far as I know in early September."