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Amazon Lists Slang Deluxe Edition For 11th February

Tuesday, 14th January 2014

Slang 1996.
'Old' 1996 Cover Art...

Amazon's US site has now listed Def Leppard's Slang Deluxe Edition for 11th February.

This ties in with Phil Collen's recent mention of a release in February during an interview. Both the 2CD and Double Vinyl versions are available.

The album was listed for 27th January release in October 2013 by Amazon UK. It had been listed on Amazon US for a 27th August release. It was then delayed and labelled as "Out Of Stock" but has now reappeared on the UK site with a new release date of 27th January 2014.

More details of the reissue emerged in August 2013. It will include 5 B-Sides plus a bonus second disc featuring no less than 14 previously unreleased versions, mixes and new songs.

All previous updates on this release and new music can be found in the Album News section.

  • 2CD Album Listing @ - - 11th February 2014
  • Double Vinyl Album Listing @ - - 11th February 2014
  • 2CD Album Listing @ - - 27th January 2014
  • Double Vinyl Album Listing @ - - 11th February 2014 (Import)

LinkedConversations - Phil Collen Interview Quote

Slang Deluxe Edition?

"In Def Leppard we done this album called Slang which is actually about to be re-released on iTunes. Re-Released in February. We recorded it in the early 90s so it came out and it shocked a lot of people they didn't like the sound of it because we played it live. We went in the studio as a band and you know banged it out. Actually a Villa in Spain. We actually recorded at this Villa and it was a wonderful experience and a very different way of approaching it and stuff. And no one liked it, no one got it so I've been writing songs and I don't stop writing just because something doesn't fit the format."