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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Vivian Campbell Gives Major 2015 Album/Tour Update - Audio

Wednesday, 10th December 2014

Vivian Campbell Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed by Free 98.1 radio yesterday and talked about the 2015 studio album/world tour.

Vivian talked about his health, the 2015 studio album, the world tour and the Last In Line album.

Vivian gave a detailed update on the album which is near completion and suggested a single could be released first in early 2015 to coincide with the tour.

Listen to the full 6 minute interview below.

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Free 98.1 - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

2015 World Tour

"Yeah a lot's happening. Well we have a new record that's gonna be coming out next year. And as a result of that we're actually undertaking a world tour. Instead of just doing our usual which is going around America in the Summer. So that's exciting, that's exciting for us. We're starting up in Canada so we're going to Canada, we're gonna do the States. We're gonna go to Europe. We're going to Japan, Australia and hopefully the UK. So it'll be a busy, busy year for us and you know as exciting as that is it's also very exciting for us to actually have some new music coming out you know and getting on stage to play something new."

2015 Studio Album

"Yeah well we'd do it instalments. You know we live all over the planet so it's a little difficulty getting us altogether. We did about six weeks starting February into March - that was the initial session. And that was the most fun part because we did that playing live. We actually set up and played as a band which is not something that we normally do in the studio. So that was the fun part of the record and then from there on its gets difficult. You know the hard work begins but there was another session in May which unfortunately I couldn't do because I was doing a chemo session at that time then - at the moment Joe is actually doing most of the work because there's a lot of vocals to be done."

"We cut a bunch of tracks and we basically left it all on Joe. We said Joe go and write some lyrics and sing on this. So the weight is on his shoulders to get this done in time. I know that he's currently doing a little club tour around the UK and Ireland with his project band Down 'n' Outz. But before and after that he's in the studio doing some vocals. And he'll be doing that right the way through to January and - basically Phil and I are kind of phoning in some other parts you know. We do some Pro Tools sessions at home and then we send them over to Dublin to fit into the record. So the bulk of the record is done. It's just the finishing touches and a lot of the lead vocals that need to go on from here on."

Album Release Date?

"that's a great question. I mean how long's a piece of string?. It's like Def Leppard, you never know. But yeah we do have a commitment that we made to ourselves and to our management to get this record done before the tour. I would guess that the record would be released by the middle of the year but we'll certainly get a track on the radio some time in the first quarter of 2015. We'll get a single out there and I would assume then when we go on tour we'll be playing that."

Album Style?

"Well it's never finished till it's finished. But you know when we first started like I said last year - (actually 2014) - when we first started playing in February. We did track as a band and when we do that we tend to write more rock songs. So I would say that the first four or five tracks that we cut were on the heavier side. But I have no idea if they'll actually make the grade. You never know it's like the way Def Leppard records work it's the last guy in the studio gets to have the final word. So who knows you know. I know that I'm not gonna be there because I have too much medical stuff going on. I'm kind of done at this stage. So I'm not going back to Ireland for any more sessions. There may be a final session in January of February that I will not be party to. So I've no idea what the final thing is gonna be. You know all I can tell you is my involvement was in the first part of the record and it was a hard rock record at that stage so if it comes out being wussy I'm not accepting the blame. You know what I mean. I'm throwing my hands in the air."