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Phil Collen Says Band Will Play In Summer 2014/Audio

Saturday, 16th November 2013

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.
Pic By DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by Marilu Henner on Friday and a full audio download is available.

Phil mentioned that Def Leppard will play some live shows in summer 2014.

Phil talked about Manraze, being a vegan, health and fitness, diet, Rick's accident/recovery, Vivian's health, the band sticking together through tragedies, playing live/the 2013 Quebec City show, the longtime fanbase, his son Rory, getting his first guitar at age 16, his advice for going vegetarian and his workout routine.

Listen to/Download the full interview via the show link below which starts at 5:23mins in and ends at 23:05mins.

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The Marilu Henner Show - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2014 Def Leppard Touring/Recording

"Next year we'll have some stuff. I'm actually recovering. My tendon slipped off the bone. This is a really silly injury. I was actually getting in a boxing ring under the ropes and I just rested my hand on the floor, my fist on the floor and there was this squelch and that was the tendon popping off the bone which isn't good as a guitar player."

"Def Leppard I think we're going to be doing some dates next summer and we go back into the studio next February as well so I should be good by then. So I limped through last summers tour and then I had to have an operation in September. So they stitched it back on the bone and I'm actually in - you know I'm doing physical therapy and stuff at the moment. It's OK. It'll be OK by the time we actually go on tour."


"Well actually we formed the band in London. All three of us are from London, three members. Me playing guitar and singing. Paul Cook who plays with the Sex Pistols and there's Simon Laffy who I used to play in a band with in London called Girl. That was before I was in Def Leppard so that was 30 odd years ago. But we formed this band in 2004. I was over actually staying with my Dad he had terminal cancer and I was just hanging with him for the last couple of months and me and Simon Laffy we just started writing these songs. We'd known each other for ages."

"We said Paul Cook would be the perfect drummer and I literally run into Paul who I knew in the streets and we formed the band then. We've actually got two albums out but we've just released the latest EP called I Surrender. And the whole thing is such a - it's so diverse and it's such a fusion of different influences. It's great to be able to be dub reggae or pop, pure pop or almost punk rock the next second so the whole is a mixture of everything so we love it. It's a lot of fun actually."