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Three Spanish Concerts Rumoured In Local Press

Wednesday, 20th February 2013

VIVA Hysteria! 2013.

Local Spanish press have said Def Leppard will play three concerts in Spain this June to be announced very soon.

The Metal Circus say they expect three concerts to be announced in three cities including Madrid and Barcelona. The likely venues being the Palacio Deportes and Palau Sant Jordi.

Vivian Campbell mentioned the possibility of a Spanish concert announcement on 16th February on his facebook account.

The band have only played in three Spanish cities during all the visits dating back to 1981 supporting Rainbow. Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian. Each were played in 1981, 1983, 1988, 1992 (Madrid only), 1993 and 1996. They also played acoustic shows and TV/Radio appearances in 1993/1995.

The last visit to Spain took place in October 1996 during the Slang tour.

The Metal Circus - News Quotes (Google Translation)

"It is not officially confirmed, but very reliable sources tell us that the British DEF LEPPARD come on tour in Spain in June. There will be three performances in Barcelona, Madrid and a third city we do not know.

Expected to be a tour of large halls. It is the first time that the band acts in our country since 1996, when they presented "Slang" in two Spanish shows.

During this week or next, presumably, could officially announce the news."

News Source - (Google Translation)

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