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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
VIVA Hysteria! Night 4 Live Blog Setlist/Photos

Friday, 29th March 2013

VIVA Hysteria! Live Blog 2013.

Def Leppard play the fourth show of the VIVA Hysteria! residency tonight in Las Vegas, NV and updates will appear live on this blog. This page will feature updates as and when they happen from this show including the setlist.

Keep refreshing the page for more updates. Setlist and live pics to appear here courtesy of fans at the show (depending on connections).

Blog has ENDED - Lep due on at between 8-8:10pm local time. Find out what time it is where you are HERE

The main show page will be updated after the show with a setlist and any reviews/pics. Any contributions are welcomed.

Live Blog - Las Vegas, NV Night #4

Setlist now up - Las Vegas Night 4 2013 Show Page

10:45pm - Thanks again to Sari! - Goodnight.

10:41pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to John - Photo.

10:39pm - Def Leppard Song 23 - 'Photograph'

10:37pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to John - ROA.

10:34pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to Sari - LandA.

10:31pm - Def Leppard Song 22 - 'Rock Of Ages'

10:29pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to Sari - LandA.

10:26pm - Me - Hello to Michelle amd Michele in New York! If you are reading this.

10:24pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to John - LandA.

10:24pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to John - Excitable.

10:20pm - Def Leppard Song 21 - 'Love And Affection'

10:20pm - Def Leppard Song 20 - 'Excitable'

10:17pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to Teresa.

10:14pm - Def Leppard Song 19 - 'Hysteria'

10:11pm - Def Leppard Song 18 - 'Run Riot'

10:08pm - From Sari - "Just got a pic from VIv" = guitar pic.

10:05pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to John.

10:02pm - Def Leppard Song 17 - 'Don't Shoot Shotgun' - reminder this is being filmed :)

9:59pm - 8 mins ago from Sari - "Steve Clark playing the intro to GOW." - Just sounds cool doesn't it?.

9:56pm - Gods Of War - get it? Nevermind.

9:55pm - Message to Kim Jong-un you can - f**k off!...(he's actually Han from "2 Broke Girls" w/ dodgy haircut.)

9:55pm - Def Leppard Song 16 - Steve Guitar Solo Video/'Gods Of War'

9:52pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to John.

9:50pm - Def Leppard Song 15 - 'Armageddon It'

9:44pm - Def Leppard Song 14 - 'PSSOM'

9:40pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to Abi.

9:40pm - Def Leppard Song 13 - 'Love Bites'

9:34pm - Those rare songs played together earlier on a DVD filming night = :)

9:34pm - Def Leppard Song 12 - 'Animal'

9:31pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to Sari.

9:28pm - Def Leppard Song 11 - 'Rocket'

8:27pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to Sari.

9:24pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to John - Phil now on film!.

9:21pm - Hysteria time!

9:21pm - Def Leppard Song 10 - 'Women'

9:16pm - Sari - "We are supposed to yell when the clock hits 10 sec."

9:16pm - Sari - "Malvin just came out."

9:12pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to John - DVD Anyone?.

9:09pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to John.

9:08pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to Alli.

8:59pm - Songs all added and in order now.

8:59pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to Sari - Mirror, Mirror.

8:54pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to Sari - Stagefright.

8:50pm - Intermission. Pics to follow.

8:50pm - Def Leppard Song 9 - 'Promises'.

8:50pm - Def Leppard Song 8 - 'Undefeated'.

8:48pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to Sari.

8:45pm - Def Leppard Song 7 - 'Rock Brigade'.

8:43pm - Stagefright takes it to 36 songs played.

8:41pm - Def Leppard Song 6 - 'Action'.

8:38pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to John.

8:35pm - Def Leppard Song 5 - 'WLAHC'.

8:32pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to Allyson.

8:29pm - Def Leppard Song 4 - 'Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)' - not a bad 4 song opening!.

8:29pm - First play since 2003. 10 years ago on the X/Ten tour.

8:27pm - Def Leppard Song 3 - 'Stagefright'.

8:27pm (LV Time) - Pic - Thanks to Michael.

8:22pm - re: First play since...22nd March :).

8:21pm - Def Leppard Song 2 - 'Wasted'.

8:20pm - First play since...22nd March :). Let's Rock!

8:19pm - Def Leppard Song 1 - 'Good Morning Freedom'.

8:16pm - Ded Flatbird are back for show #4!.

8:16pm - Def Leppard Song 0 - 'Won't Get Fooled Again'.

8:09pm - Joe Elliott aka Booty Ruben from yesterday on local radio - "The crowds were astonishing. We did a lot of preparation for this obviously so we kind of - we had a good feeling it was gonna work. But even ourselves when we came off it was like this is really good.".

8:06pm - By the way - recognise the platform Phil is on at the start of Women? It's the one used by Joe and Sav in 2012 at the start of Undefeated.

8:02pm - Def Leppard Classic Albums Hysteria was shown on SkyArts in the UK earlier this week. Good timing. Not long now!

7:57pm - This is Sari's last Live Blog but that doesn't mean they are going to stop! U can't stop the rock! (baby).

7:55pm - From Sari 1 hr ago - "BEST PICTURE EVER!!!!!!!!".

7:52pm - You may remember her from 1999 VH1 Storytellers "All Night" question (wearing Slang T-Shirt) :).

7:52pm (LV Time) - Pic - This is our live blogging hero Sarah aka Sari with five of her friends.

7:45pm (LV Time) - Pic - By Me - what these shows are all about!.

7:40pm - This is what the venue looks like outside today Hard Rock Hotel LV

7:38pm - From Sari 3 hrs ago - "They're playing a remix of PSSOM at the pool. :)".

7:35pm - Tonight (and tomorrow) the band will be filming the show for their DVD project. Confirmed by fans talking to band friends at the venue (Thanks Cindy).

7:30pm (LV Time) - Pics will be added probably before show starts and then pics/setlist updates will follow.

7:30pm (LV Time) - Blog is now LIVE. Expect updates every few mins or so after the show starts.

5:10pm (LV Time) - Blog will go live at 7:30PM local time. Expect updates every few mins or so after the show starts. In the meantime check out all of the updates from previous shows.

As with other live blogs - new updates will appear above this, each with a new time. Refresh to keep seeing them.

Def Leppard - Las Vegas Night 4 2013 Show Page

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