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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
VIVA Hysteria! Night 1 Live Blog Setlist/Photos

Friday, 22nd March 2013

VIVA Hysteria! Live Blog 2013.

Def Leppard play the opening show of the VIVA Hysteria! residency tonight in Las Vegas, NV and updates will appear live on this blog. This page will feature updates as and when they happen from this show including the setlist.

Keep refreshing the page for more updates. Setlist and live pics to appear here courtesy of fans at the show (depending on connections-No Promises, No Guarantees!).

Blog is now ENDED - Lep due on at 8:10pm local time. Find out what time it is where you are HERE

The main show page will be updated after the show with a setlist and any reviews/pics. Any contributions are welcomed. If I survive this there may be one tomorrow as well!

Live Blog - Las Vegas, NV Night #1

Setlist now up - Las Vegas Night 1 2013 Show Page

10:47pm - Sari/Sue/Cindy/Melissa/Kerrin/Donna - Thankyou :)

10:45pm - Two song encore to finish! Lep music playing over the PA. Coherent write up to follow after sleep! GOODNIGHT!

10:43pm - Def Leppard Song 24 - 'Photograph'

10:40pm - Def Leppard Song 23 - 'Rock Of Ages'

10:37pm - Hysteria done - encore time!.

10:34pm - Love And Affection's last known performance was 8th March 1988 in Oslo, Norway.

10:34pm - Def Leppard Song 22 - 'Love And Affection'

10:30pm - Excitable's last performance was 2nd October 2007 in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

10:30pm - Def Leppard Song 21 - 'Excitable'

10:24pm - Def Leppard Song 20 - 'Hysteria' - the title track!

10:20pm (LV Time) - Pic - Viv.

10:20pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sari).

10:15pm - Run Riot's last known performance was 19th August 1988 in Irvine, CA.

10:15pm - Def Leppard Song 19 - 'Run Riot'

10:14pm (LV Time) - Pic - Women opening - cool?.

10:14pm - Another Pic (Thanks to The Joint).

10:08pm - Don't Shoot Shotgun's last known performance was 9th July 1988 in Minneapolis, MN.

10:08pm - Def Leppard Song 18 - 'Don't Shoot Shotgun'

10:08pm - Def Leppard Song 17 - 'Gods Of War'

10:04pm (LV Time) - Pic - Love Bites.

10:04pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sari).

10:00pm (LV Time) - Pic - Mass Hysteria!.

10:00pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sari).

9:55pm - Def Leppard Song 16 - 'Armageddon It'

9:54pm (LV Time) - Pic - Viv.

9:54pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sari).

9:54pm (LV Time) - Pic - Joe - note Hysteria mike stand.

9:54pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sari).

9:48pm - (from Sari) - "Omg fan videos are hilarious."

9:48pm - Def Leppard Song 15 - 'PSSOM'

9:48pm - Def Leppard Song 14 - 'Love Bites'

9:48pm - Def Leppard Song 13 - 'Animal'

9:46pm (LV Time) - Pic - Rocket - and two of the band.

9:46pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sari).

9:41pm (LV Time) - Pic - Rocket/big massive f**k off video screen (that's an English expression).

9:41pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sari).

9:36pm (LV Time) - Pic - Hysteria time.

9:36pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sari).

9:36pm (LV Time) - Pic - Hysteria time.

9:36pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sari).

9:34pm - Def Leppard Song 12 - 'Rocket' - very cool pics to follow :)

9:31pm - Def Leppard Song 11 - 'Women'

9:29pm (LV Time) - Pic - Ded Flat Bird - again.

9:29pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sue).

9:26pm - (from Sari) - "Holy crap Phil just arrived from the ceiling from the end of the.thrust!"

9:19pm - (from Sari). Intermission but Steve Clark tribute on big screens. More to follow. HYSTERIA! is almost Near.

9:17pm - Wasted (Thanks to Sari). Still intermission.

9:13pm - Good Morning Freedom - When All We Need Is Our Video! (Thanks to Sari).

9:07pm (LV Time) - Pic - Ded Flatbird - the opening band :)

9:07pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sari).

9:05pm - (from Sari). Joe onstage quote - Joe says "This is Def Flatbird the best Def Leppard cover band in the world!"

9:02pm - Intermission - What's next? :)

8:59pm - Me again! - 4:00am and it's snowing in Merry Cold England. Sun will be up soon but this is Rock 'n' Roll! muhahaha!

8:59pm - Def Leppard Song 10 - 'Switch 625'

8:57pm (LV Time) - Pic - Mr. Phil Collen

8:57pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sari).

8:53pm - Def Leppard Song 9 - 'Bringin' On The Heartbreak'

8:53pm - Def Leppard Song 8 - 'Slang' - best 45 minute opening set ever? not over yet!

8:50pm (LV Time) - Pic - Mr. Rick Savage wearing blue tonight. 3:50am in England (i'm insane! but what the hell! :))

8:50pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sari).

8:47pm - Def Leppard Song 7 - 'Let It Go' - best 45 minute opening set ever?

8:44pm - Def Leppard Song 6 - 'When Love & Hate Collide'...seriously Good morning Freedom?...:)

8:43pm (LV Time) - Pic - The Leps

8:43pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sari).

8:42pm (LV Time) - Pic - Good Morning Freedom! - Sari giving setlist updates and pics!

8:42pm - Another Pic (Thanks to Sari).

8:36pm - Def Leppard Song 5 - 'Promises'. Still can't get over track 1 (jesus christ!)

8:34pm - Darren/me says "Holy f**king shit!"

8:32pm - Def Leppard Song 4 - 'Foolin''.

8:32pm - Def Leppard Song 3 - 'Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)'.

8:32pm - Def Leppard Song 2 - 'Wasted'.

8:32pm - Def Leppard Song 1 - 'Won't Get Fooled Again/Good Morning Freedom'.

8:27pm (LV Time) - Pic - Def leppard on stage - Setlist anyone?

8:27pm - Another Pic (Thanks to KDCLasVegas).

8:23pm (LV Time) - Pic - Def leppard on stage

8:23pm - Show starts (Thanks to Laura).

8:19pm - Show still not underway - more to follow!

8:14pm - Show has started. More soon!

8:08pm (LV Time) - Pic - 2 mins to go!

8:08pm - The Venue (Thanks to a Mr. R. Allen from Dronfield).

8:05pm (LV Time) - Pic - A UK Leppard Fan In Las Vegas! 5 mins to go!

8:05pm - Dave from Wakefield (Thanks to Sue/Dave).

8:00pm (LV Time) - Fom Sue - "They're playing Down N Outz :-) England Rocks :-)".

7:58pm - Sue and Dave are in the venue with connection :). Revised show start time 8:10pm local.

7:58pm - Hello to Sue and Dave from England if you are reading this now or later! Hope you made it there OK! :)

7:50pm - On A Countdown To Zero - 10 mins to go!

7:44pm - I've always liked the song 'Rock Brigade'. (random words - soundcheck, yesterday, afternoon)

7:40pm (LV Time) - Pic - Inside the venue/we have connection/all systems go/fire one! etc...

7:40pm - VIVA Hysteria! (Thanks to Sari).

7:35pm (LV Time) - Pic - Gift bag. 35 mins to go.

7:35pm - VIVA Hysteria! (Thanks to Cindy/Melissa).

7:30pm (LV Time) - Pic - Where are we?.

7:30pm - The Joint! (Thanks to Cindy/Melissa).

7:25pm - Someone on twitter says "DEF LEPPARD SUCKS!!!". Someone else replied "I hate u" - Random Vegas Update?.

7:22pm (LV Time) - Pic - Phil Collen display.

7:22pm - Phil Collen display (Thanks to Cindy/Melissa).

7:17pm (LV Time) - Pic - Rick Savage 1988 Jacket. Just over 40mins to show time!

7:17pm - Rick Savage jacket (Thanks to Cindy/Melissa).

7:12pm - "Acoustic is the special moment with Meet & Greets. No photos allowed. Very strict. Hasn't started yet." (Thanks to Donna).

7:08pm - Random Vegas Fact - Rick, Viv, Joe renewed their wedding vows with their then wives on 18th September 1992 in a small chapel after the LV show at Thomas & Mack Center.

6:59pm (LV Time) - Pic - Steve Clark (C.L.A.R.K) :).

6:59pm - Black Beauty (Thanks to Kerrin).

6:54pm - Random Vegas Fact - Rick Allen married first wife Stacy in Las Vegas on 29th September 1991.

6:42pm (LV Time) - Pic - Def Leppard Hair Metal? (if pics don't show refresh-click on them again).

6:42pm - Let's clear something up about the Hysteria era. Def Leppard were NOT a hair metal band!.

6:37pm - SPOILER ALERT! The Meet and Greet has ended quote - "The special moment is the the acoustic set with the band." (Thanks to Cindy/Donna). I don't think the acoustic thing was played yet.

6:30pm (LV Time) - Pic - Def Leppard Day!.

6:30pm - You may or may not know the Mayor of Las Vegas declared it Def Leppard Day today.

6:26pm - 2 hours ago - "Standing in line for VIP and a film crew just showed up." (Thanks to Sari).

6:23pm - OK lets start with the important news first - The VIP menu includes "mini-corn dogs, hot dogs and mac&cheese". Mmmm! (Thanks to Cindy/Melissa).

6:10pm (LV Time) - Pic - Def Leppard stage on 21st March.

6:10pm - Blog is now live and here is a shot posted on twitter last night by a journalist who interviewed the band showing the stage before a soundcheck. I do believe that's the 2012 thrust and the Slang/Euphoria era Union Jack flag. Expect updates every 10-15mins or so up until show time. More as the show nears.

As with other live blogs - new updates will appear above this, each with a new time. Refresh to keep seeing them.

Def Leppard - Las Vegas Night 1 2013 Show Page

Def Leppard - VIVA Hysteria 2013