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News - Def Leppard To Radically Mix Up Setlist On 2012 Tour

Thursday, 15th March 2012

Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed this morning on the Ken Calvert Mornings show on 94.7 WCSX radio and spoke about the setlist for the 2012 tour.

Joe was promoting the upcoming show in Detroit/Clarkston, MI.

In a ten minute phone interview he talked about a new Down 'N' Outz IPA beer coming out called "Louder", the setlist and getting ready for the 2012 tour, a mention of recent 'studio work', the tour tying in with the Rock Of Ages movie, seeing the Runaways first English tour and later going clothes shopping in Dublin with Lita Ford, touring in major cities like Detroit, the bands history of playing there, Def Leppard being headliners and also being willing to play festivals lower down on the bill.

Ken Calvert Mornings - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

"We're gonna get together towards the end of May and start rehearsing. You know we're pretty slick now because we only finished the English shows with Motley Crue and Steel Panther - we finished on the 15th of December so we've only been off the road for about two or three months. So we're doing a bit of studio work."

"To get back on that horse when you've only been off the road for what will have been about four or five months it only takes a couple of days. It's like riding a bike. We got really good at this and so we don't really need - unless we're gonna be learning ten brand new songs, which we're not, we don't really need that much time to freshen up."

"We're changing the set around pretty radically and we're doing a few reworks. But again, you know we've kind of seven or ten days to kind of pull it all together. We're very professional when it comes to getting it done because we wanna do it as efficiently as we can so everybody does their homework before they turn up. Everybody knows what they're doing."

Visit the show page below and listen to this interview via the 'Audio/Listen Again' link.

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