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News - Def Leppard To Play Longer Shows In 2012/Rotate Songs

Tuesday, 12th June 2012

Rock Of Ages Tour 2012.

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has revealed that the band will play longer shows in 2012 and rotate more songs in and out of the setlist.

Vivian was speaking during an interview with US97 radio in Springfield, MO on 8th June. During the lengthy 18 minute interview he talked about being the new guy in the band even after 20 years, how he dealt with replacing Steve Clark in the band, the Rock Of Ages tour 2012, touring with Poison, the Rock Of Ages movie premiere and after show performance, playing with Steel Panther, playing again with the original DIO line up, the Lampe show and the 2012 tour setlist.

US97 Radio - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Is Women going to be in the setlist?

"Yes but not - I can't guarantee it's gonna feature every show. What we're doing for this tour is we're playing a little bit longer than we have done on recent tours. We've actually asked Poison to not play as long so that we can add more songs to our set and they very graciously have agreed to that. So we are gonna be able to play more songs on this tour than we have played on recent tours."

"What we're doing is in addition to the core set. We're gonna have a rotation of five or six or seven different songs that will rotate in and out of the set and one of those songs is gonna be Women.'

"That's a big problem for us because Def Leppard is blessed to have a genuinely huge catalogue of hit songs. So it's difficult for us to get them all in there and people are always saying why do you play this and why aren't you playing that. We kind of have to concede to the majority and the majority of people coming to see Def Leppard want to hear the biggest hits. They want to hear Pour Some Sugar, Photograph, Rock Of Ages, Hysteria, Animal, Foolin', Love Bites you know there's all these that we're kind of compelled to play at every show. And then you know there's obviously hardcore fans who want to hear more album cuts like Gods of War and Billy's Got A Gun and whatnot. So it's always difficult for us because there's only so much you can fit into a show. We could play forever, that's not the issue it's the curfew. The guy comes along and pulls the plug."

Joe told fans at last weeks Q And A session in Hollywood that the band will rehearse 30 songs for the tour. The band did rehearse a similar number of songs last year and many of the 'rotating' songs were played in Japan and some in the UK (and the last few US dates). So if you want to know the likely songs check the 2011 setlists. The chances of them playing 'Love And Affection', 'Don't Shot Shotgun' and 'Run Riot' are? - unclear as they were never played that much in 1987/1988. Phil has said the band would dig out 'Hysteria' album tracks this year to celebrate the album's 25th anniversary. 'Excitable', 'Women' and 'Gods Of War' seem far more likely (but hopefully I'm wrong!).

Vivian Campbell - 7th June facebook Quote

Is that a new tone you're using for the verses on Bringin' On The Heartbreak? Also, are you doing the full electric version this tour?

"Full electric this tour. No new tone, just rolling off the volume."

Vivian Campbell - 12th June facebook Quote

"Packing my suitcase; it's that time again. NYC early tomorrow for some press stuff, then on to Salt Lake City to start the tour. Excited!"

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