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News - Def Leppard Phil Collen Hangar 19 Audio Interview

Saturday, 30th June 2012


Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by Hangar 19 recently and the audio is available to listen to and download.

In the 17 minute audio interview Phil talked about Manraze, the Rock Of Ages movie, new Def Leppard music, the Definitive Visual History book, guitar parts in PSSOM, Phil Lewis and the other people from Girl and the High 'n' Dry album.

Phil mentioned playing shows with Manraze this summer between Leppard dates. He has said this almost every year Lep have toured so don't get your hopes up!. It also seems like this interview was recorded quite a while ago.

Hangar 19 - Phil Collen Interview Quote


"We wanna do a tour, we're actually talking about doing a club tour. In the gaps and the breaks between Def Leppard we're gonna try and get the Manraze tour on the go. You know it'll be like in small clubs, that type of thing maybe in small theatres and stuff. So however that works out. That's what we're planning on doing this summer."

Def Leppard Music

"We're working on new stuff. We put our first live album out last year. I really like the idea of actually not doing a whole album of studio tracks. Unless if you do an album in two weeks that's great. If you can't it's essential I think to get something out. It's more fun to write, record, release an album like the Beatles used to do it the Stones, David Bowie, Zeppelin you know they would all be for the art of it and not for the business of it. The business of it is well guys we need 12 tracks and before you know it the album has a lot of fillers on it."

"We're not gonna do a whole album, yeah eventually we're gonna release albums and we're gonna do tracks like that but I think it's more important that we get a new song out or two new songs out or an EP or whatever that sounds really cool and and kind of consistent with our thing."

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