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News - Def Leppard Phil Collen Motorcycle USA Interview

Wednesday, 27th June 2012

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.
Pic by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by Motorcycle USA.

Phil talked about Manraze's involvement with the 'I, Superbiker' film, the 'Take On The World' single/video, his old job as a dispatch rider in London, Mutt Lange, working on Bret Michaels single and playing the Sturgis biker rally with Def Leppard. Photos of Phil on the video set of 'TOTW' with superbike champion Tommy Hill are also included.

Motorcycle USA - Phil Collen Interview Quote

"I used to be a dispatch rider, that was my day job for three years in London. I used to fly around in the ice and the snow and rain sliding around on a Suzuki 250."

Read the full interview at -

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