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News - Def Leppard Joe Elliott MTV Hive Interview

Wednesday, 20th June 2012

Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008.
Pic by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has been interviewed by MTV Hive to promote the Rock of Ages tour and movie.

Joe talked about the 2012 tour, concert riders, vegetarians, the 2012 re-recordings of PSSOM/ROA (seemingly indicating these may not be the only re-records), the Photograph/ROA videos, the hair band/heavy metal tags, the survival of big bands, what makes a great rock anthem and the lyrics of PSSOM.

MTV Hive - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

"It was, well, let's just say a sensible business decision on our part. How can I put this politely? We were having a major disagreement with our ex-record label about the digital rights for our back catalog. We couldn't come to a mutual understanding that seemed fair for both sides. So we finally just decided to re-record all our hits. We started with "Sugar" and "Rock of Ages," and I think we did a pretty good job."

"It's like in a movie where the guy goes, "You want a little sugar, honey?" She comes up to his place and he makes her some coffee, but we all know what it really means."

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