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News - Phil Collen Says Def Leppard May Tour With Poison/Twisted Sister

Thursday, 5th January 2012 | 


Phil Collen recently spoke to Noisecreep about Def Leppard's plans for 2012 and mentioned Tom Cruise and the new tour.

According to Phil, Poison is a 'possibility' for the US tour along with - 'Twisted Sister' due to their involvement in the 'Rock Of Ages' movie.

Noisecreep - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

"It's going to be a huge year for us. I definitely have a lot to talk about today."

"We've got the 'Rock of Ages' movie coming out which stars Tom Cruise. He's singing 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' in the film. We actually got to see him film the scene."

"I was really pleased with how down-to-earth Tom was. He was very humble and actually told us how he thought 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' was an absolute classic. He said it deserved all of the respect and attention he can give it. So we were definitely honored."

"Nothing has been finalized yet, but apparently Poison will be joining us - at least according to Bret Michaels, who has been telling everyone that they'll be touring with us this year [laughter]. We went out with Poison in 2009, and we all had so much fun."

"If it does end up happening like that, I would love for the third band to be someone like Twisted Sister, since they're also in the new movie. I think that would make for a great lineup!""

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