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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
News - Phil Collen Def Leppard Twitter Chat Recap

Thursday, 23rd February 2012

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen took part in his first Twitter chat last night on the band's official Twitter account.

The event began at 6pm EST/11pm UK and lasted for one hour with Phil answering just over 50 fan questions (including two of mine). Hundreds of questions were sent in and here are a few of the more newsworthy/interesting answers.

Phil said there was a strong possibility of UK dates by Manraze in 2012 and that the Def Leppard tour is still being routed.

Phil Collen - 22nd February Twitter Chat Highlights

Question - @ollathy "Just curious: what time were you born? Thank you, Phil! :)"

Answer - "12:02 AM-PC"

Question - @dltourhistory "Any memories of that Brit Awards show in 1989?"

Answer - "mick fleetwood was very tall and samantha fox was tiny- PC"

Question - @imarocker18 "if you were to colaborate with anyone you've never worked with before who would it be?"

Answer - "Prince!"

Question - @ladystrange73 "So many great songs in the Lep catalog. What goes into picking a setlist for tour?(other than the hits)"

Answer - "depends on how much time we've got, but recently in japan we added 10 songs. we'll jumble it up a bit this year"

Question - @who_likes_pie "Could you pick one song that defines Def Leppard as a band?"

Answer - "rocket has a bit of everything-PC"

Question - @awinch01 "are you guys working on any new material ?"

Answer - "yeah, always!"

Question - @AndyLGR "Do you feel the success & sound of pyro hysteria & adrenalize has constrained the band in any way?"

Answer - "yeah to a degree because you cant stray too far from that when you write new songs, so you cant be completely experimental"

Question - @GaryFunston "Who would you say is the most influential person you've worked with musically...??"

Answer - "mutt!"

Question - @dltourhistory "Did you once play guest guitar at a Cinderella concert? if so where?"

Answer - "i think it was in florida- PC"

Question - @heyitscarly_28 "What's your favorite Def Leppard album and why?"

Answer - "hysteria-so much effort went into it and they are solid songs that really stood the test of time-PC"

Question - @AndyLGR "Ballads used to be the main way for rock bands to get a hit. Are they difficult to write?"

Answer - "theyre the easiest ones to write for me actually-PC"

Question - @BobbyYoung74 "What is one of your favorite bands to listen to besides Def Leppard Music?"

Answer - "the Police, I love listening to the Police still-PC"

Question - @lucazerbini "What are your memories of your first gig with Def Leppard?"

Answer - "my strap broke on the first song, but it was great! it was at the marquee club in london- PC"

Question - @BethanyRomance "What's your guilty pleasure music?"

Answer - "not that i should be guilty about it, but i love electronic dance music- PC"

Question - @DecembieeLynn "when are you guys gonna announce the tour dates?"

Answer - "when they announce them all to us, we'll let you know--still planning the routing! -PC"

Question - @TigerLily_2703 "What's your all-time favourite album by any band/artist?"

Answer - "ghost in the machine the police, nevermind nirvana, achtung baby by u2...definitely not just one -PC"

Question - @kmlb526 "Any chance Man Raze will be in/around Kentucky this summer?"

Answer - "more likely to be doing some english dates, but would love to"

Question - @redli9 "Will we ever hear those 1 or few new songs being kicked around with Mutt mentioned on rockline? It'd make an epic ep!"

Answer - "maybe!"

50+ questions answered.

And not one person asked if he was a "Belieber"! :(

Recap the full chat at -