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News - Phil Collen Talks About Whitney Houston/Steve Clark

Wednesday, 15th February 2012 | 

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has spoken about the deaths of Whitney Houston and Steve Clark during an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock.

Phil was in New York yesterday to do interviews and record some acoustic solo performances (playing MANRAZE songs). Whilst speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock he talked about Whitney Houston's recent death and how much it reminded him of Steve's own passing in January 1991. A longer interview talking about the upcoming tour is due soon.

Ultimate Classic Rock - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

"It's awful and it really hit me. I've known people and lost people who've been through the exact same thing. What really irritates me when someone special dies is the outpouring and everyone loves to show up for the funeral but they don't really want to help when the person needs it."

"When Steve [Clark] died, that really pissed me off. There were people coming out of the woodwork and I was like, 'Whoa, where were you when he really needed you?' and in fact all they were doing at that time was actually encouraging him to be the way that he was that ended up killing him."

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