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News - Def Leppard To Tour USA/Europe/Mexico/South America

Wednesday, 15th February 2012 | 

Vivian Campbell 2012.
Screenshot by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed at the NAMM trade show on 21st January and gave some more tour details.

Michael Berger of Engl amplifiers talked to Vivian on the same day that he played with Steel Panther. He asked Vivian about the use of Engl products on the 2011 Leppard tour before moving on to their future plans for 2012.

Vivian talked about the tour plans and in addition to North America and South America he mentioned the possibility of European festivals this summer. The tour was currently being 'routed' at the time of the interview. He then talks about how he had to relearn the solo for 'Rainbow In The Dark' in the week before his Steel Panther guest appearance.

Vivian Campbell - Interview Quotes

"We are actually gonna go out again this summer in America and probably South America later in the year - Mexico and South America. We have a couple of songs featured in the Rock Of Ages movie starring Tom Cruise and all these other people. That's coming out this summer and we're gonna ride those coattails!"

"Well last year we did America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and a couple of weeks in England. We'll certainly do America again this summer and we'll try and get back into Europe, we might do some European festivals. They're routing the tour right now so I don't have specific dates."

"And like I said towards the end of the year, we are way overdue to go back to Mexico and South America."

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