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News - Rick Allen Says Def Leppard 2012 Tour Dates Coming Soon

Sunday, 5th February 2012 | 

Rick Allen Sheffield 2008.

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen spoke to fans on Twitter in the last few days and indicated the 2012 tour dates will be announced soon.

Rick told fans that the tour dates would be announced soon and that he himself will find out "next week". As with Vivian's recent comments he didn't deny that Poison might be their touring partner in the USA.

An announcement can't be too far off with Phil Collen having stated on 28th January that the tour would start in May.

Rick Allen - Recent Twitter Quotes

05-Feb-12 - Is there a Def Lep-Poison tour or just speculation? - "I hope there is:)"

05-Feb-12 - so when will we get the tour announcement? - "Soon i Hope"

05-Feb-12 - is true the tour of Def Leppard with poison in the summer? - "I ThinkSo:)"

04-Feb-12 - when will summer tour dates be released!? - "Ill find out next week"

03-Feb-12 - any truth 2 twisted sister touring some this summer with DL? - "I HopeSo:)"

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