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Joe Elliott Ultimate Classic Rock Interview

Wednesday, 12th December 2012

Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008.
Pic by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has been interviewed by Ultimate Classic Rock about the Down 'N' Outz and Mott The Hoople.

Joe talked about the Mott The Hoople reunion, working with The Quireboys, choosing their setlists/album tracks, the band name, his memories of playing at Hammersmith Odeon and songs that will be included on the second album.

Down 'N' Outz are currently working on a second album in between the schedules of Def Leppard and The Quireboys.

The site are also giving away two signed copies of the 'Live At Hammersmith Odeon' DVD. Visit the link below for details.

Ultimate Classic Rock - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

"The Down 'n' Outz came about purely because we had a gig to do and we needed a name quickly. I was reading the paper and there was an article on an Irish snooker player (Alex "Hurricane" Higgins) who had really fell on hard times and the phrase "down and out" was staring me in the face, so with a slight spelling alteration, which I seem to have a habit of doing, the Down 'n' Outz were born."

"Now we're not opening for Mott and we don't have that limit. We couldn't go near 'The Hoople' album then, but I can now. When we went out with Paul Rodgers last year we were doing 'Whiz Kid,' 'Rock and Roll Queen' and 'One of the Boys.' I've already recorded the vocals on all those. We've also done 'Violence,' 'Crash Street Kids,' 'Marionette.' We're going to do 'The Journey,' 'Broadside Outcasts,' and 'My Life Is in Your Hands' off the British Lions album. We just keep adding little trinkets to the collection."

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