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News - Phil Collen Says New Def Leppard Songs Are Hard Rock

Thursday, 9th August 2012

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.
Pic by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by Pennlive and said the new material currently being worked on is 'hard rock' sounding.

Phil talked about the tour staging and setlist, working on new songs, the music industry changes, keeping the band together, re-recording PSSOM/ROA and the Rock Of Ages movie.

The band play in Hershey, PA on 15th August.

Pennlive - Phil Collen Interview Quote

"Yeah, some really cool, hard-rock stuff. I don't know when that will be out. It's a matter of fitting in when we can record. I don't think we'll go into a studio. You can pretty much do it in a trailer. We've recorded a bunch of stuff while on tour. That might be the way to go ... to not take a whole block [of time] out and say, "We're going to record for a year." That's the way the industry's gone. It's more singles-based. You don't have to put an album out, you can put a song out here and there."

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