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News - Def Leppard To Use New Production/Songs For 2012 Tour

Saturday, 7th April 2012

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen says the band will change their tour production around in 2012 and play a couple of new songs.

Phil was talking to Jon Carter's Morning show on Salt Lake City's 103.5 The Arrow radio about the 2012 tour and spoke of the changes. This follows similar quotes from Joe and Phil in recent interviews (see Tour News page).

In the five minute interview Phil talked about the tour with Poison/Lita Ford, starting the tour in Salt Lake City, attending the Rock Of Ages movie premiere in Los Angeles, mixing up the tour setlist, the possibility of releasing another live album, touring with Poison/Lita Ford, recording with Bret Michaels, the 'new' single 'It's All About Believin'', recording new music and Manraze.

103.5 The Arrow - Phil Collen Interview Quote

The upcoming tour with Poison/Lita Ford?

"We're changing it up completely. We're got Poison opening up. We've toured with them before and they're great. Lita Ford opens up the whole thing. We've just changed the production around. We're gonna be changing songs around - you know a couple of new ones. We were in Japan in November and we added ten songs to the setlist. Stuff we hadn't played for years - so yeah I think we're gonna do more of that as well. We're gonna chop and change them around a little bit more."

Visit the show page below and listen to this five minute interview via the 'Audio/Listen Again' link.

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