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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
News - Archive Fan Review Of The Week 1

Saturday, 12th March 2011 | 

A new feature on the site. Highlighting archive Fan Reviews written by us - Def Leppard fans. And to start off, the very first one sent in during the 2002 promo tour.

13th July 2002 - Fan Review by Andylgr England.

It's a warm summers day and I'm sitting outside the pub enjoying a beer and I can hear the Leps soundchecking in the stadium with Now followed by Pour Some Sugar on Me. I'm certain Joe sounds live but seeing as its widely known that all the pop acts will mime I'm resigned to the Leps doing the same....or will they?

In the Stadium I had to stand through 2 hours of some of the worst performances and music I have ever seen and heard. All the pop acts mimed as expected, so at best I was hoping for at least for Joe to be singing live. There was a good 10 minute wait after the pop boy/girl mime act prior to Def Leppard whilst roadies checked the equipment.

'Good evening Stoke, I gotta question for ya.....'

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