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News - Rockpages Dave Jeffery Interview

Wednesday, 23rd March 2011 | 

Rockpages have uploaded another in their series of Def Leppard related interviews this time with Dave Jeffery. Dave designed the cover of The Def Leppard EP from 1979.

Rockpages - Dave Jeffery Interview Quote

From your perspective, and now that more than 30 years has passed since this famous artwork of yours, how do you feel about this Def Leppard cover (from a painter's point of view)?

"From a painter's or illustrator's point of view perhaps the execution of the art work leaves something to be desired but then, as the desk top computer had certainly not appeared on our desk tops at the time, hand drawn line drawings and lettering using Letraset (transfer lettering) was the best that was available for producing the image. I think that the idea was right for the time. If the art work had been produced with the same extreme metal images as mentioned earlier would the Def Leppard EP be as recognizable as it is now? I don't think so."

Many thanks to Sakis Nikas.

Read the full interview at -

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