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News - Def Leppard Raise Middle Finger To Ex-Record Company

Friday, 10th June 2011 | 

Kerrang Awards 2011.
Pic by Eamonn McCormack.

Def Leppard gave their ex-record company Universal a collective middle finger at the Kerrang! Awards 2011 last night in London.

The band picked up the Inspiration Award and reportedly made the gesture together during their acceptance speech on stage. Article quotes below and some thoughts on Download (check out the Live Blog!) from Rick Allen.

Beehivecity - Rick Allen Interview Quotes

"The audience's reaction was incredible and it will always be an emotional time for me because it was really a turning point in my life."

The drummer blamed their previous record labels for the fact that no live CD has been published before: "The good thing is that we're not with a label anymore. We have been with a label for 30 years and it is kind of nice doing your own thing. That's the reason why we haven't recorded a live album before."

The anti-label sentiment was apparent in Def Leppard's award speech: when on the stage, the band all raised a middle finger, saying: "This is to our ex-record company."

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