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News - Def Leppard To Tour Canada/Japan/New Zealand In 2012

Friday, 2nd December 2011 | 


Joe Elliott has revealed Def Leppard plan to tour in Canada, Japan and New Zealand in 2012.

Joe mentioned this when speaking to This Is Nottingham. Def Leppard play the Nottingham Capital FM Arena on 8th December as part of their tour with Motley Crue. Another section of the interview has been added below which may (or may not) cause some amusement.

This Is Nottingham - Joe Elliott Interview Quote

"We've got Christmas off as we've been at it non-stop since May; then we're going into the studio early next year and after that we'll be touring Canada, Japan and New Zealand."

As to what will be played….

"Good question," he concedes.

"There are certain songs that we have to play or we'd never get out of the building alive, and we have to keep an eye on how things are going on the internet to see what the fans want.

Read the full interview at -

Read the full interview at -

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