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News - Phil Collen/Vivian Campbell Premier Guitar Interview

Wednesday, 17th August 2011 | 


Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell have been interviewed by Premier Guitar magazine for their September issue.

Phil and Vivian discuss the Mirrorball (Live & More) album in detail, the new songs, Mutt Lange, their current guitars - amps, MANRAZE, Thin Lizzy, . They also have differeing opinions on whether Def Leppard will release a new studio album in 2012. Phil mentions they plan to tour again in 2012.

Premier Guitar - Phil Collen/Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Will there be a Def Leppard studio album in 2012?

[Both answer simultaneously.]

Collen - No

Campbell - Yes


Phil - "I know we're going to tour next year, so I don't think we're going to take time off to do a record. It takes a year to do that. We may do a few songs. I like the idea of doing three songs, because it goes back to the days of the Beatles, the Stones, Zeppelin, and Bowie. They would record one or two songs at a time. You can put more energy and effort into it."

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