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Wednesday, 21st May 2008

Sandnes, Norway - Media Reviews

Leppard had to catch a plane By Leif Tore Lindo

Def Leppard went on stage half an hour before schedule because they had to catch another plane due to strikes on the scheduled flight.

The festival had problems organizing sound checks and keeping the schedule. Headline act of the day, Def Leppard, had to go on stage half an hour early because they had to go to Halden and Trondheim.

"The plane strike has really made it difficult for us. Today we just managed, but only just", says a worn festival-boss, Bjørn Arve Larsen.

He is counting on being back on schedule on Thursday but he's still prepared for changes. None of the guests that "Aftenbladet" (Norwegian newspaper) talked to wanted to criticize the festival, on the other hand everybody thought everything was great.

Many people wanted to see Def Leppard on Wednesday night.

At festivals you can check out the t-shirts and see who people want to see and in Sandnes the Def Leppard-logo dominated.

"Def Leppard the biggest rock band in the world. Ok, they weren't up to scratch during the nineties, but now they're really back", Eivind Aronsen, sporting a Leppard-shirt, said to "Aftenbladet".

He's been to four other concerts with Def Leppard and he grounds his passionate musical relationship with this:

They have this perfect mix between riff and sing-a-long. And it's perfect for drinking beer. That's important!

"Songs from the sparkle lounge", the recent record from the band, has been a great success and even got some great reviews too. But the hard core fans - the ones in t-shirts from the eighties - would rather talk about two other records;

"I want to everything from Hysteria and Pyromania. It's the eighties that counts," says another Norwegian fan.

"I should be at work but I called in sick." That must be alright when Leppard is in town.

By Leif Tore Lindo @ aftenbladet 2008. - Article kindly translated/submitted by Danish fan Martin Agervig.


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