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Wednesday, 30th July 2008

Hidalgo, TX - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Stefanie

Because I'm so proud of this, I have to mention it before anything else - I finally got to see Def Leppard from the front row. I now know how all the front-row-addicts feel. It's great being as close as you can be to the stage. Hadn't made it that close before (not counting the sides of the thrust) This was the first show of the second US leg. Not opening night, but it's good enough! I'll take it!

The crowd didn't give Joan the best reception. I think they were getting a bit impatient... they wanted their DL! I couldn't blame them! But everyone stood up when the intro beats to "I Love Rock N Roll" began. I was standing during her whole set, taking advantage of my front row seat. It was nice to see a different support act, thought we'd get Styx once again (but no offence to Styx, they're very good!)

The audience was loud and lively for Leppard all night. I really liked the new video screen intro. Sometimes when I see DL live, the anticipation leading up to the moment they hit the stage is almost unbearable for me! I was very happy to hear the new songs, especially "Bad Actress", my favorite tune from Sparkle Lounge. Switch 625 and Mirror Mirror were my favorite additions to the '07 setlist and I was pleased they returned for this tour/show. I wouldn't have been as happy with MLLAM. We had a great Heartbreak sing-along. Yells and cheers from all over the arena for every song. Joe's comment on Rikki Rocket just cracked me up, I wish I had recorded it. No photos, strict guard watching for cameras on our side. Though I did get Sav's pick and Vivian's setlist when the band left the stage.

I got to meet Phil and Vivian by the backstage gates afterwards. Such a cool way to top off the night! I thought I wasn't going to see them this year, which I would have been fine with, but I'm so glad they came back to Texas. I think they love us ;) The camera issue still annoyed me, though.

Fan Review - Dodge Arena, 30 July 2008, 7:30pm By Manuel Sanchez (Matamoros, Mexico)

The Hidalgo Show was the first show of Def Leppard I've ever seen. And it was wonderful, specially 'Pour Some Sugar On Me', 'C'mon C'mon', 'Love Bites', 'Bad Actress', and the spectacular bass solo of Rick Savage. Joan Jett also was very good (in fact I buy the CD after the show XD), but the leps was very great!

When they play 'Hysteria', I almost cry, I didn't believe it was so pretty live. And when the played 'Love Bites', there where some people dancing, and kissing, and, well, a lot of things. The big screen behind the drums was a very good thing. It seems that Joe Elliot still has voice for about 10 years. And also a fact was that, in Switch 625, they needed Vivian Campbell and Phil Collen to do the solos from Steve Clark.

I've never seen so many people singing def leppard song, and you can actually hear them in 'Rocket', or in 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'. It's a shame that the Dodge Arena didn't allowed photo cameras or video cameras, because I could record ALL the concert. I hope that they come back as they said.

Before the show, I hear them practice 'Go', from the new album, but they didn't play it. And in the road I was listening to the 94.5 (the rock station) the DJ was saying, DEF LEPPARD TONIGHT IN THE DODGE ARENA, DEF LEPPARD TONIGHT IN CONCERT, and he played like 10 song, (almost all 'Vault'), and he said that there were only a few tickets left.

I think i am fortunate. I hope they come here again, or at least come to Monterrey, Mexico.

Fan Review - By Eddie (Monterrey, Mexico)

Yesterday a had the opportunity to attend Def Leppard Show in Hidalgo Texas, Fortunately this place is near to my home town like 3 hours. I took my car and drove at Dodge Arena, this is my first time I see the Lepps out of my country and let me tell you something it really rocks, each time a see this band live I realized how good they play live, the crowd was totally into the show, every person in the arena was singing their songs, was so nice to hear c'mon c'mon, nine lives, and bad actress live, they have great sound and great quality.

Before they played two steps behind, phil had some problems with his guitar but who cares they were there, Vivian used a great guitar in mirror mirror, even that guitar is a mirror.

Joe was surprised by the reaction of the audience, all people was screaming and yelling the songs.

Definitely one of the best concert i ever been, i hope def came to my town with this tour.


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