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Thursday, 27th September 2007

Vancouver, BC - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Lesley

Once again Def Leppard absolutely ROCKED GM Place with an amazing and energetic performance. It was totally worth the time and expense to travel up from California for this show as well as the one in Victoria and nearly freeze in the process. We did ILAA for the show and it was one of the best parties and spreads that I've been to all tour!

Once again they did not let us down with our seats either...front row on Phil's side, two seats over from the thrust. The thrust was VERY high at this show. Now nothing beats a thrust seat (I've fortunately gotten to experience it several times) but we had fantastic seats so I'm not gonna complain! Of course the height certainly did not stop two girls from jumping on the end of the thrust with one of them going right up to Joe and dancing with him and dumping a packet of sugar in front of him during PSSOM. I couldn't see his face, but he was sorta backing up from her.

Security was VERY lax at this venue and they seemed to have no control over what was going on once Leppard took the stage. We had people down front next to us all evening that didn't belong. Nothing could take away from the high energy of the band and the crowd was really into it. It was really great to hear some of the old stuff this tour like Mirror Mirror, Another Hit And Run, and hearing Switch 625 live always makes me think of Steve. I also loved how they switched up a few of classics like did Bringin' On The Heartbreak acoustically and then went into the electric version and the way they did the beginning of PSSOM was very cool. It's nice when they mix it up a little.

I have to add that I really enjoyed Styx this tour. I had never seen them live before and those guys put on one heck of a performance and they even added a few songs for their Vancouver set...very entertaining!! I've added a few pix that I took from the show. Enjoy!!!

Fan Review - By Eric Halfabee

I always enjoy seeing my all-time favourite band. I was in the front floor section (the only place to be!). They are still great, and I like to see them tweak the classics a bit. I really loved to see them go back in time - it was awesome to hear songs from High n' Dry LIVE. My first concert was Pyromania in 83.

This concert was way too short on Def Leppard. It was good to see Styx after so long, but quite honestly, Def could have soloed this show and still packed them in. Gowan was... entertaining... ! The seats weren't full until our boys came on, and the energy level did a complete 180 when they finally burst on the scene. It was a good performance, but it seemed that something was amiss, or that Joe was waiting for more audience participation, during Bringin on the Heartbreak. Something seemed off anyway. For my part, I know all the lyrics and was belting them out.

My highlight of the night was hearing Joe say, after this girl had jumped on stage and poured a package of sugar on him, "now I've got all this bloody sugar on the stage!"

In general, I love that the concerts are 75% classics and 25% newer stuff. However, I would enjoy a one-off concert where they played whatever they wanted to.. that would be an interesting show! Having so many classics is a double-edged sword really. We should give them a break once!


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