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Sunday, 23rd September 2007

Irvine, CA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Lisa

Wow!!! Def Leppard were awesome! They really seem to love playing their "home town" (well at least for 3 of them). They sounded great like always. The thrust was pretty cool at this venue. It stopped right in front of the orchestra section. Those seats were almost level with the stage. The small pit area was on both sides of the thrust. The seating is very steep, so all seats have a good view.

We decided to treat ourselves to the 5 Star Package for this show. So did a lot of other people. Our seats were probably the worst you could get with the package. 10th row all the way to the side. What a disappointment. The only saving grace is that we won an autographed picture of the band and a hoodie. The "goodie" bag was okay. They gave us each a hat, shirt, frame with Def Leppard written on it, and a band picture.

This was our last concert for this tour and it was Fantastic. They left us wanting more as usual.

Fan Review - By Ross

My only concert this tour...but it was worth it! I had a seat just behind the sound stage. I'm usually up in the front rows but I will say that from this spot it was still very enjoyable - dead center, full view of the entire stage, great sound, these guys are made for arenas.

I will say that there were some grumps around me. During Foreigner's set the woman behind me asked if I would sit down, of course I moved... but ended up to the left side of another grumpy couple - these people sat the entire show like stones I mean why why bother going? Anyway the people to right were awesome dancing and singing the whole show.

As a long time fan these our my thoughts on this year's set...I really enjoyed it. It sounded fresh, mixed up a little different... opening with Rocket, coming on a strong second with Animal, then Excitable - one song I never thought I would see them do live, it was a treat, Foolin' was good as ever, then the REAL treat Mirror, Mirror it was unbelievable, another first for me live, Another Hit and Run, and the acoustic Bringin' on the Heartbreak intro is back and Switch 625! It's been away since they have played these High n'Dry classics, thank you guys! See, they do appreciate the old time fans. As Joe said last night "Vivian was not with us when we released High n'Dry but he sure can play the hell out of it!" Love Bites and Hysteria sounded good - Hysteria is one of my favorites but I've never been too crazy about it live. I honestly could have done without Rock On, I hope they drop it next time it's getting old and it's not a real Leppard song!

I LOVED the long live opening of Pour Some Sugar On Me "love is like a bomb, bomb, bomb...another first for me live and I liked that Rock Of Ages was the encore. Oh yeah, Photograph was also VERY strong, the best sounding yet.

I think as a live band these guys just get better and better. They truly are a class act, a tight band, 30-years and still playing - the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame needs to recognize them now, those Rock and Roll snobs.

Until next time, and there will be a next time!


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