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Sunday, 30th September 2007

Vancouver, BC - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Steve D

Another great Leppard show. I was in the 6th row on Phil's side. The set list was the same as the previous shows on this tour (a fact they know the running order was there was no set lists taped to the stage floor). It was great to finally hear "Excitable" and "Mirror Mirror" as I have seen all their concerts starting from the Hysteria tour. I agree the concert was too short, but seeing the momentum the band has been regaining over the last couple of tours and a world tour scheduled for next year, I am hopeful for a return to a 22 to 23 song set list! Audience participation was pretty good during Bringin' on the Heartbreak acoustic section and by the time "Sugar" kicked in the place was Jumping. When the guys came back for the encore Joe mentioned the new album coming out next year and said they were looking forward to coming back and see all of us again. I am sure everyone there felt the same way.

Some highlight's for me was seeing Phil break out and use his double neck yellow Jackson for the electric part of BOTH as I know he has used it only a few times on this tour. Another one was finally seeing Sav's bass solo before Rock ON, as we did not get the "Yeah" tour in Canada last year. Sav seemed to enjoy the ovation he received for it.

I agree with the review (Eric Halfabee) from Vancouver, it would be great to see the band perform a one-off concert playing none-Single songs and older classics (Wasted, Rock Brigade, Lady Strange, etc). We know Joe likes Desert Song (as noted in Storytellers); let's hear them and songs like Pearl of Euphoria, Torn to Shreds, etc. I am just happy I saw the Slang tour as I am not sure I will hear a lot of those songs any time soon. An awesome Def Leppard album if I say so myself.


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