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Sunday, 5th November 2005

Atlanta, GA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Keith

It's safe to say that Def Leppard & Journey came to Orlando last night and rocked the house down! Both bands brought a great energy to the stage and made sure the audience was with them every step of the way. This was the third stop in Florida on the tour (in June the buses rolled into West Palm Beach and Tampa) and both bands have changed up their set list in spots to provide some freshness for the fans like myself who attend multiple shows. The venue (where the Orlando Magic play basketball) is a small cozy arena with not a lot of legroom but spread out enough to make you feel comfortable. There really isn't a bad seat in the house. The place was not close to being sold out but the crowd was substantial in size and was very loud throughout the evening.

Journey came on stage shortly after opening act Stoll Vaughan wrapped up (featuring Jonathan Cain on harmonica for a couple songs). As is customary on the tour now, Journey got everyone standing right off the bat with a blazing version of the Star Spangled Banner. From that point on, Journey never let up, often bridging songs together without a break inbetween to fit as much music in as they could. Neal was on fire, Jeff Scott Soto was all over the stage, Jon was very animated, Ross was being silly as usual, and Deen was really laying into the drums.

Star Spangled Banner / Stone In Love / Ask The Lonely / Wheel In The Sky / Message Of Love / Edge Of The Blade / I'll Be Alright Without You / Chain Reaction / Lights / Open Arms (Deen on vocals) / Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' / Escape / Dead Or Alive / Faithfully (Deen on vocals) / Don't Stop Believin' / Any Way You Want It Encore: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

After Journey took their final bow and the house lights came on we knew it was time for the main event (no disrespect to Journey). As the house music blared, Def Leppard's stage was revealed piece by piece. A pattern of yellow streaks on the stage floor, the band's logo hanging from the risers on both sides, the endless amounts of stairs getting assembled, and enough lights to make you realize that you were in for a visual assault just as much as a sonic one. After AC/DC rang through the speakers for a few minutes the familiar strains of Guns N' Roses song "Coma" started playing, followed by Queen's "We Will Rock You". It was time!

The arena went dark, the dry ice poured out, the opening video played on the screen, and it no time Joe was asking "Do you wanna get rocked?" Flames and fireworks shot out during "Let's Get Rocked" and the band looked fired up.

Lots of smiles from the guys, lots of movement around the stage, and lots of fun for us fans. "Let It Go" is the perfect follow-up in the #2 slot. It really had everyone up out of their seats. Joe kept the banter between songs pretty short so they could stick to the music, but did acknowledge the crowd a lot during the songs and spoke with us the most before Bringin' On The Heartbreak, 20th Century Boy, and Rock Of Ages. He even got a reference to Miami in there which brought about a lot of boos from the crowd as well as "being 47 years old and still getting girls to lift up their tops and show me their tits. I have the best job in the world."

Highlights included: Pyro on songs like Let's Get Rocked and Rock Of Ages!, 20th Century Boy really sounds good live. The crowd responded well to the two Yeah! songs. All the retrospective video footage on the screen during Rocket and Photograph. The guitar "duel" between Viv and Phil during Rocket. It never gets old.

After the first half of the set nothing was different from any other leg of the tour. The transitions from Photograph to Armageddon It to Animal sounded much tighter than in Tampa. Viv's end solo on "Love Bites" seemed a bit shorter than usual but still really good.

All in all a great night. What a tour!

Fan Review - By KCfla

Well, just when you thought they couldn't get any better- they DO! The show at the TD Waterhouse was just a blast from start to finish. I did miss the opener (drat the long lines at the swag booth!) Journey came on and just blew the house away. Jeff is the shot in the arm that Journey needed. All of them looked like they were having a blast- which I haven't seen at one of their concerts in YEARS! I'm not one that likes a Co-headlining tour ( I'd rather get 2+ hours of solid Lep!) But this one will have to be an exception to my rule- Well worth it!

As has been stated, DL has added pyro to their set now, and I just pity Phil and Viv, up on the riser so close. Heck, we felt the heat in the 4th row! It was a blast from beginning to end. The only thing I noticed (and it could have been me) was that Vivian seemed a bit "distracted" for the first couple of songs. Perhaps a bad day-but he still kicked butt, so I shouldn't complain.

One other interesting tidbit- While at a pre-show party we had arranged via the OF, who should wander up and join us but Gordon! Yes, that Gordon of the Tour Diaries! He sat with us and chatted for about 2 hours, asking questions as well as answering some (though he told us nothing earth-shattering lol).

All in all- probably the best concert experience I've had in the last 5 years!


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