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Saturday, 22nd July 2006

Indianapolis/Noblesville, IN - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Norm Huizenga

Let me first mention about the opening bands before I get to why we're all here. Stroll Vaughn (I hope that's right)... He played four songs. I didn't know any of them, but that is why he's on tour opening, to get his music to the masses. I personally didn't care that much for it. A nice change of pace from Ricky Warwick, but at least I'm familier with his stuff now from seeing him and the Joe Elliott connection.

Journey.... Journey was good. To me though, they were still the opening band. It wasn't a Co-head line thing. With Jeff Scott Soto they delivered the classic well. The back drop screen I don't beleive they utilized it to their potential. It looked liked they turned on windows media player and let the visuals kick in. Of course it was daylight still. Their audio set up could have been better. It was good. It just was in my opinion a little muffled. Maybe turned it up a bit more for Jeff. But all in all it was ok. Nice opener with the Star Spangled Banner.

DEF LEPPARD.....Let me just say I was a little bit disappointed in the set list. The two songs from Yeah! (Rock On & No Matter What) I heard from the last tour (Rock Of Ages). So really it was nothing new song wise. The bass solo was cool. They utilized the back ground screen very well. I think that was the best part.

Viv and Phil were both in top notch. And Joe sounded a hell of a lot better than he did during Rock Honors. So all in all good, but it would have been nice to hear Hellraizer and Hangin' On The Telephone, which I've read they have been playing.

Fan Review - By Debbi

The Noblesville show was great, just as every Lep show is! They opened up with "Let's Get Rocked". I much rather have heard them open up with "Hellraiser" like they did in New Jersey, but they didn't play that song at all in Indiana. They only played "No Matter What" and "Rock On" from the YEAH! Cd. I was a bit disappointed about that.

But the Leps still put on an awesome show! We splurged and bought the 5-star VIP package. Included in this VIP package was a pre-show party, gift bag, raffles, premier parking and guaranteed seats within the first 10 rows.

Dean Castronovo, Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain of Journey came to our VIP pre-show party. Then, added to the surprise, Phil Collen showed up at our party about 15 minutes later. Basically we just got to take group photos with them that I LOVE ALL ACCESS (who sells the VIP packages) took.

We were first in line in the 2nd group of photos with Phil so I was able to go up to him directly and stand next to him. I told Phil that this was my third show after seeing them in NJ last month & Chicago a few days earlier. He asked me which show I enjoyed most and I said NJ because they played “Hellraiser” and “Hanging on the Telephone” from their new YEAH! cd and I was upset they didn’t play them in Chicago. He said people don’t care to hear the YEAH! songs and I said “YES WE DO!”. I told him that they really should play those 2 songs from YEAH! again. I also thanked him to showing up at our pre-show party.

The raffle prizes were mostly t-shirts of both bands and a few other items. The food was pretty bad unfortunately - overcooked fried chicken, coleslaw, cheese/rice combo & pasta salad. They also had wine, beer, soda and water. I guess they don't realize there's people who don't eat meat or dairy products. I guess the people who drank a lot of beer and ate the food got a better deal for the price they paid on the VIP package.

Everyone received a gift bag. The gifts were a leather wristband with Def Leppard embossed in it, a t-shirt with the British flag and American flag and the bands logos on it. It also has the I Love All Access logo on the arm. It's a shirt that is not being sold anywhere. Then, there were 3 Journey luggage tags too. Not the best gift choices, in my opinion. They could have given an autographed picture of both bands or autographed cds. That would have been nice to have. For the money we spent, I'm not sure the VIP package was worth it.

Our seats were in Row F, right in the center. For the price, I'd much rather be a lot closer to the stage. But, they were still great seats. I guess we waited too long to get tickets from ILAA because we took a day or two to figure out which show we wanted to do the VIP package. I'd say, for the experience, everyone should probably do it once. But I'm not sure I'd do it again, unless the price goes down or they start giving better gifts, food and guarantee to meet the bands. I was thrilled that Phil showed up since I've heard people complain that the bands weren't showing up at some parties. So, if we didn't have that, my review on ILAA might have been much worse. Regardless, the show itself was indeed awesome!.

Fan Review - By Darg

When I first saw Leppard at Oxford in 1983 I never dreamt I would see them in the middle of Indiana in 2006! I have to say they are as good as ever and put on a tremendous show that they clearly enjoyed.

Although the set is familiar it is perfect for the length of performance and bounces along nicely. It is a shame that there are not more UK concerts planned but when I saw the size of the audience, the reception and the atmosphere in general it is easy to understand the focus on the USA.

It was great to see the band in a different setting and on top form. I bought Yeah while over the pond and must say it is a real grower and was seldom off the CD in the car. Lets hope the new material when it surfaces is fresh and in that classic pop rock vein. Until this trip I had never been to a concert in the US but having attended 3 (Sammy Hagar and Poison/Cinderella the others). I look forward to the next time, and there will be a next time.

Fan Review - By Julie

Do You Want To Get Rocked??? If you were in Noblesville this past Saturday you got rocked! This was the best concert I've ever attended and I have seen many. Here are my thoughts on the evening. I missed the opening act (can't remember his name) but I did see him on the video screen in the lounge and he was good, kind of reminded me of Springsteen.

Made it into the venue just in time to see Journey and they were rockin', the band has found an excellent front man in Jeff Scott Soto his vocals were awesome, better than Perry's imo. Dean handled the ballads and sounded great "Open Arms" was really good and it got my lighter up in the air.

Now for the main event: DEF LEPPARD! I have never seen a band with such a stage presence as the boys from Britain, from start to finish they draw you in and don't let go. Joe's voice was great, didn't miss a note. Phil and Viv's guitars were brilliant, the solos in Hysteria and Rocket were terrific. Sav's bass solo was awesome, was glad to see him get his moment in the spotlight. Rick's drumming was spot on and Mr. Smiley was absolutely beaming the entire set. I loved the stage setup and the video screen, it was great to see all the older clips of the band especially Steve. All in all, this was a rockin show and even though this was my first Lep experience it definitely will not be my last.


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