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Saturday, 3rd June 2006

Milan, Italy - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Vaios/Elli, Athens

It was the third I saw Def Leppard live, having travelled all the way from Athens with my wife to Milan. The first two were during the 2003 UK tour (1st leg) and I think I could quite honestly say that Milan topped both Newport and Brixton (and Brixton was already fantastic as most of us know)!

They didn't play long (the set lasted 1h 20 min) but it was a treat all the way from the start. The guys were smart enough to see that the audience was mostly metal fans (they went crazy with Motorhead). That's why they delivered all the 'harder' stuff (Hysteria was the softest song and no other ballads were played). Milan seemed to prefer the 'hits' (what a surprise) - Rocket, LGR, Photograph, Armageddon It, Animal, PSSOM). Newer cuts like Promises or the covers (they played Hellraiser, Hanging On The Telephone, Rock On) received rather neutral response. We were also treated with a fantastic Let It Go - one of the night's peaks. Minor disappointment was Women being left out instead of MLLAM - I'm sure we could do without the latter.

The Leps seemed in great shape. Especially Joe was at this best, very energetic and with his voice relaxed and reaching high notes. Phil and Viv were friendly and communicative as always, whereas Sav provided some of his patented rock star poses and Rick seemed to have a great time. The band was solid and enthusiastic and the sound was very good - guitars did not overtake vocals. In general, Def Leppard performed excellent in front of an audience in which I think they had the fewer fans among the other bands and gained their respect and warm welcome. It looks that this is going to be a fantastic tour - make sure you don't miss it! It sure was worth the travel for us!.

Fan Review - By Niko

Finally, after 10 years, the guys are back in Italy! And they gave us -poor Italian fans- a great ROCK performance, with a killer setlist! Just say that Hellraiser isn't probabily the best opener, even because Joe avoided to sing the mighty initial "Look out!"-scream, but the rest of the show really rocked!

Rock Rock, Let's get Rocked, Rocket, Animal and PSSOM the most acclaimed songs, but H'n'D, Let it Go and Rock of Ages kicked many arses among the audience!!! Joe is in a great shape,he walks allover the stage and never stops to wind up the audience, and Phil.. Phil is a God! I still can't belive this man is (almost) 49!!! What a great musician, what a great ROCKER!!!

Rock On has now a "real" intro with a short Sav's bass solo and all the other guys playing all the other small parts, and the twin guitar solo during Hysteria (the only slow number) received a massive applause from all the crowd. Joe thanks the Italian audience many times for "having be so great with us" and promises us that "there will be a next time"!! I really hope so, I really fu****' hope so! Thank you guys, you're the best in the world!.

Fan Review - By Luca Zerbini

To be totally honest I don't like Festivals. I never liked them. And when it was announced that Def Leppard would have kicked off their Yeah! World Tour at the God Of Metal Festival in Milan on the 2nd June, I was really no more than happy! Def Leppard haven't show up here in Italy since the Slang World Tour in November 1996: what an honour to hold the opening night of the World Tour but what I really hoped was a full show as headliner!

Even considering the great bill of the day (Crucified Barbara, Sonata Arctica, Edguy, Angra, Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Halloween, Motorhead, Def Leppard and Whitesnake) I thought that 63euros was a bit too expensive. Def Leppard was decided to be second on the bill and to play at 8.00 pm (for 80 minutes) just before Whitesnake! Agreed with that considering that here Whitesnake are definitely more popular than Def Leppard.

No idea about how many fans will show up?

You can imagine my surprise when arriving at the Idropark during the Halloween set I realized that the Festival was an event: fans arrived literally from anywhere in world (met even some from New Zealand) and stayed in tents or hostels for all the 5 days of the Festival!!! Simply amazing!!!! When I arrive the Idropark is already crowded but many fans are still arriving for the late evening bill. I soon realize that most of the fans in the audience are there for Motorhead and Whitesnake. Here and there I can find some Def Leppard shirts, most of them from the Adrenalize Tour!

My thought goes immediately to the band in the backstage: "Are they really sure to play ballads with this audience!?". Immediately after the end of the Motorhead set I move front stage: they should have really rocked looking at the tired faces of their fans who are moving out from the hot-poguing-zone. Lucky enough I can easily get front rows. The sun is still high in the sky when at 8.00 pm We Will Rock You announce the band is about to start the show!

Here we are: what a surprise, Hell Raiser as opening number!!! Great choice! The crowd response is very good. The sound is not perfect: it's low (very low if compared to the Motorhead show!) and even after level gets to normality, Joe voice is still much lower than Viv and Phil guitars.

A first ovation for Rock Rock (Till You Drop) but all the crowds got totally crazy when Joe announce "Hey Milano, do you wanna get rocked?" And two songs later I fully understand how huge was the success of Adrenalize here in Italy: Make Love Like A Man is sang almost by everyone around me front stage! I am very pleased and surprised! Hysteria is the only ballad of the set: it fits well and keeps the tension of the show up! I think that almost everyone at the show sang with Joe!!! Unbelievable.

The show is pure rock and a couple of old numbers help a lot (High 'n' Dry, Let It Go!). A brilliant Sav bass solo introduces Rock On, the third track performed tonight from Yeah! after Hell Raiser and Hanging On the Telephone. Not really the highlight of the night but great to hear it live! It's The Very Best Live time now: Rocket (still don't like the extended version! They could have played another song in that slot of time!), Photograph, Armageddon It, Animal (played all together as one song with no break!) and Rock Of Ages (here Joe could have played more with the audience!).

Sav takes the microphone and thanks the Italian audience for being so kind and hot! Wow! Even if a great part of the audience was not at the Festival for Def Leppard, the band has been respected and mostly highly appreciated for their set! And that's a fact! Def Leppard are back on stage for the last number of the night, Pour Some Sugar On Me. It's a triumph!

The show is now over, Joe approaches to the microphone and say "Don't forget us, we won't forget you! See you next time, Milano!": considering that Joe said exactly the same words at the end of the Def Leppard show at the Palalido in 1996, I just hope that his "next time" doesn't mean to wait other 10 years.


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