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Saturday, 10th June 2006

Lichtenvoorde, Holland - Media Reviews

Media Review - By Reflections of Darkness

On main stage a band who have been described as a wilder, rougher version of boy bands like take that and all the other names most people have forgotten by now. They have been around for a while by now, grown older and by now not the guys the teenagers would go crazy about. But the question of course is what the former teenagers, now in their mid 30's would think of it.


Just like many of the other bands at this festival the band played a couple of hits to please the general crowd now gathered at the big field. With songs like 'Let It Go', 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' and 'Let's Get Rocked' the small contingent of Def Leppard fans was easily pleased. It wasn't a bad bit of music but the band just didn't seem to convince the audience. It was all a bit too loose and the vocals suffered from the hands of time. The sound on the plain was however good, making the lesser vocals during the concert more obvious.


The band looks like a boy band to be honest, different types just a bit too obviously styled. Where the music was somewhat unconvincing the performance was even more fake. No these guys just did their trick and were lucky to play right before Roger Waters on main stage otherwise it might have been a lot less crowded.

By Reflections of Darkness 2006.


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