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Sunday, 30th July 2006

Houston, TX - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Victorialynn

Wow ,wow,wow, is all I can say about the most fabulous concert in history. To start off it was so hot and humid. Texas weather this time of year is bad. I never want to sit in that kind of heat again but if Def Leppard is playing than I woulddo it in a heartbeat. Our seats were in 7th row center after the pits, so we could see real good.

We had a bet about when Phil would shed his shirt but he took to the stage without one. Very nice indeed. We were both screaming.lol. Sav was all in white leather and he looked great and those pants on him are so fine. Joe was in black leather pants and black shirt. Very cool looking and he has the most beautiful eyes ever. Viv had on a mesh shirt and light jacket which he shed by the third song. Rick Allen had on cargo shorts and was smiling so big. He looked so cute up at his drums. The band has very high energy and Sav was running all over the place and running up and down the risers. He looked like he was enjoying himself. The music that played right before Def Leppard took to the stage was Queen's "We Will Rock You", and everybody was screaming and jumping up and down. Def Leppard opened with Let's Get Rocked, then went into Let It Go and then Promises. Lets just say by then that Def Leppard was sweating so much and so were we. It was wonderful. Sav's solo for Rock On was fantastic. He went to the top of risers and started and then the band came in with him. It was beautiful. My knees are still sore from all the jumping around I did.

Joe was talking to the crowd about the past couple of nights in Texasand how everyone was so loud and when he mentioned Dallas we all were booing.He said what about Houston. He was trying to get us all stirred up and did a good job of it. He had us all screaming loud. The guys had more energy than I thought they would have only because it was so hot and humid. I had so much fun at this concert that I plan on saving my money for next summers tour possibly with Aerosmith. That's the latest rumor.Journey was good also. The singer they had with them named Jeff Scott Soto was very good. I have seen him somewhere before but don't know where. He did a good job of leading Journey that night. His energy level went throught the roof. If any of you get a chance to see Def Leppard in concert, then do so, They really put on a good show and are so funny too. They look and sound great. Especially Sav... I can't wait until next time. As Joe always says "There will be a next time." ROCK ON DEF LEPPARD.

Fan Review - By Stefanie

This was a great, great night -- I had soooo much fun! I bought a 5th row ticket (1st row behind the pit) days before the show. I saw another concert at the same venue the previous night, (*cough*Kelly Clarkson*cough*) and I got to see where my seat for this show was going to be, and it was a really good one in front of Vivian. I discovered both Lepp and Journey 5 years ago, (I'm 17) so, it was surreal, but very cool seeing them on the same bill. If I remember correctly, I had mostly Journey fans seated around me. Stoll Vaughan did pretty good, and Journey did very well. I stood during their set and sang along to the hits. I got emotional, like I knew I would, and cried during 'Open Arms'. 'Separate Ways' as the encore was great and got me ready for what was next. I sat back down until I heard 'that' intro.

I stood up the second 'We Will Rock You' began and I was already screaming for the guys. I was jumping up and down like nobody's business, I know I got a lot of eyes on me thinking, 'What's up with that girl?' Jeez, I'm just enjoying the experience of seeing and hearing my favorite band live! It felt great seeing them again. I would hold up my signs that read 'I love you' and 'Smile for me'. Attention is great! I was surprised at the response that 'Rock On' got when the intro began, much better than I expected. Awesome. The video screen - fantastic.

When it was over I sat down in my seat and waited for my mom to come over from another section. I was so damn exhausted and it showed in my face. I told the security guard that had seen my high energy all night, 'I get very carried away.' He said, 'Oh, it's great to see the fans having a good time.' - Yeah!

To be honest, I think the crowd were more into Journey -- there had to have been more of their fans there. Since they played at the same venue last fall, and Lepp skipped Houston on the Rock Of Ages tour, I wasn't surprised. But there were plenty of DL fans (and I was one of them!).

My photos are the 'better than nothing' type, haha. It was nice to see how much energy the band had. I was a little concerned that they were going to slack off or whatever because it was the last show before the break...but no way! Joe said it was the hottest show they'd done this summer, hmmm. I actually don't pay much attention to the heat, all I know is that I get hot because I jump up and down, from the first note to the last.

When I saw them there in '03, which was my first DL show, I could hardly remember a thing afterwards, I was in a such a daze and amazement I forgot I was even there. This year's show was a way better experience.


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