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Tuesday, 15th August 2006

Denver/Morrison, CO - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Ken

Here's a brief recap of last night's Def Leppard/Journey sold out show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, CO:

After Neal Schon opened Journey's set with "Star Spangled Banner," a voice came over the PA system and said "Due to altitude sickness, drummer Deen Castronova will not be performing tonight." A drum tech (?? - I didn't catch his name) filled in for the first four songs before Deen made a grand entrance in time to play "Edge Of The Blade." Jeff Scott Soto was solid vocally, but relied on his falsetto a bit during some of Steve Perry's trademark high notes. Other times he would sing through the high notes in full voice, but it seemed a bit forced. He had strong stage presence and did a good job of being himself while still doing the songs justice. Deen sang the power ballads and his voice was actually much better suited for those tunes. The harmonies were super tight and Neal Schon always delivers the goods on guitar. After their set, a long-time Journey fan told me she was turned off a bit by JSS because he acted "too cocky." 10,000 fans at sold out Red Rocks - I'd strut a little, too.

Def Leppard’s stage featured a huge video screen, stairs leading up to a top level of mics and large yellow and black stripes across the floor of the stage. I thought Stryper was going to come out and play “To Hell With The Devil,” but Leppard came out instead and opened with a somewhat sloppy “Let’s Get Rocked” follow by a smoking version of “Let It Go.” I was disappointed when they only played “No Matter What” and “Rock On” from Yeah! I’m tired of making this argument, but those are the SAME TWO SONGS they played on the Rock of Ages Tour last year, so what’s the point ? Where’s “Hell Raiser”, “Hangin’ On The Telephone”, “Waterloo Sunset” or “20TH Century Boy”?? Thankfully the majesty of Red Rocks and killer performances of “Rock On” and the extended version of “Rocket” saved the night for me. The vibe in the crowd was great and the majority of fans loved hearing the hits. As always, the last six songs of Lep’s set pick themselves but what are you going to do?

Joe Elliott commented on Red Rocks saying "I know I say this every time we come here, but this place is fucking gorgeous!" (The band first played the venue on August 13 & 14, 1988 on the Hysteria tour with Europe opening up. They also played Red Rocks on September 14, 2000 on the Euphoria tour.)

BTW, am I the only one that thinks that 15 songs are about 3-4 short of a legitimate headline set? $95 tickets for 80 minute sets doesn’t quite add up to me.

Journey Setlist - Star-Spangled Banner, Stone In Love, Ask The Lonely, Wheel In The Sky, Keep On Runnin', Edge Of The Blade, Who's Crying Now (Deen Vocals), Chain Reaction, Lights, Open Arms (Deen Vocals), Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin', Escape, Faithfully (Deen Vocals), Don't Stop Believin', Any Way You Want It, Separate Ways.

Fan Review - By Chris Rodriguez

WOW!!! what else can I say!!! The show was amazing!!! The guys were at top form last night. Once again Def Leppard left me impressed!! I was sitting, yeah right, standing 3rd row, on Joe's side of the stage, since it's either Phil's or Viv's, but that's right, I was dead center!!!

First, let me make note of how great Journey was, a side note, Dean, the drummer must have not been feeling good, he joined them on stage half way through the show, and when they were taking their bow I noticed he had a dressing over his left forearm area from an IV. He was talking to Rick before he went on stage. Actually you could see all of Def Leppard backstage singing and in Joe's case playing the air drums along to Journey. They put on a really good show, tough act to follow, but there is one band that can do it, and of course it's Def F'n Leppard!!!

I was a little disappointed that they only played Rock on, and No matter what from YEAH!, since I heard them last summer on the Rock of Ages tour, I was hoping for Waterloo Sunset, but it was nowhere to be found. The set was also short, would've liked to see a longer set from both bands, other then those things I had an excellent time. I loved hearing promises, glad they included that, wish we could've heard something off of Slang, or X, as I think those are their best albums since hysteria. Maybe when the show is 2 hours.

Phil had a new guitar, it's clear, see through, don't really know how to describe it, he only used it for one song, I think, it all tends to blur together, between the jumping, singing, and trying to watch everything on the screens, which by the way my wife, my son and myself were on during pour some sugar on me.

The show is amazing, if you get a chance go see it, I'm planning on seeing them in Albuquerque later on in October, it is well worth it. I've got tons of pictures that I haven't downloaded into my computer, but I'll be sending them along when I get that done, my ears are still ringing... Rock on!!!! Indeed!!!!

Fan Review - By Jason

Super venue... very cool to see the lads due their thing there. I might of been more in awe of the venue than the show. We got the OLD SCHOOL HITS SET... 2 from HnD woo hoo! I guess that's better than 2 from Adrenalize. I just got my ticket from a Ca. Leppard faithful not but a day before I went to the sold out show. It was for the 15 row Phil's side but I ended up 3rd row Viv's side. Lucky me... it's a good idea to make friends with all the Lep fans you can! I saw about 8 peeps I've met before so it was all good like that... most of them keyed into what I do at shows. :)

Leps did do a bit of a sound check from around 3-4... I was driving to the venue at the time but I hear it wasn't much of anything. Got there in time for the Journey SC and was able to pull from outside. Good to know for the next Red Rocks show I go to. :)

The show began with that one dude. Ya know the boring one but the last song he was jointed by Jonathan Cain and.... "RORY" Rory was playing bass and was only introduced as Rory. Phil and Mal were both side stage taking pics and enjoying the boy's moment. At the end of the song Rory was giving the fans huge devil horn signs... not really something that goes with that one dudes songs but it was funny/cool to say the least.

The first 5 or so songs Journey played on with their drummer tech on drums. They talked up how Dean was sick from the altitude. After that he came out and did a good job but he was laboring up there. There set was jammed packed with hits so good times for all but those who want to hear something rare. I do feel that Journey is pushing leppard to be on top of their game every night and this is why you can kiss off any more YEAH songs being played this tour.

Leppard.... since this is the start of the second leg of the tour most people have covered all the highlights of this tour. I guess it was nice to hear... BOTH and Let it Go. More hits to keep up with Journey.... ok. It would be nice to have both band toss in an extra song each for having a show sell out. Make it a reward for selling out before the day of the show. Then have some fun with that one song. I hate LOVE BITES as an encore song the only part I would love to see stay in the set from that song is Viv's outro solo. Also... Joe's voice was ok but the altitude was also getting to him just a bit. The vocals sound a bit out of breath more so than other shows i've gone to and done my thing at. It was nothing that took anything away from the show.

Fan Review - By Kami In Colorado

I went to the Def Leppard/Joureny concert Aug.15th at Red Rocks in Denver Colorado. I have been a Def leppard fan for at least 20 years. I had 6th row seats, havent been to a "rock" concert in 18 yrs! Im sure glad i picked this one! In my opinion Def Leppard rocked the house! Journey was actually better than i expected but the Leps were great! I couldnt jump high enough or scream loud enough! I had an awesome time. My only regret is we left right after the show and i hear they hung around after and signed autographs. :( Oh well, thats my excuse to go see them again!!! I thought seeing them in concert would get them out of my system but I just want to see them again and again.


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