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Friday, 22nd September 2006

Atlantic City, NJ, USA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Sean

Show was great as always. Good crowd, but not as packed like in July. Women, Heartbreak, and 20th new since the first Borgata show on the tour. I believe we got Hellraiser, Promises, and No Matter What last time. Awesome show. Leppard never disappoints. It's was my 21st Leppard show. 3rd on this tour. Joe sounded excellent, especially on Hysteria, 20th Century Boy, and Rock On. Sav's bass solo was cool and the band really seemed to be into the show. My eleven year old nephew caught one of Viv's picks and Phil waved to him. He was so excited. It's like watching me when I was his age during the Hysteria tour. Was hoping maybe for a surprise since this is their 4th show at Borgata in four years, but it was not to be. Still, awesome and I enjoyed every minute of it, since it might be awhile til I see them again. New art on the screen during Lets Get Rocked and Women. Easily one of the greatest live bands ever. Everyone should see Leppard at least once in their lives.

Listened to Journey in the lobby. They sounded good from what I could hear... Open Arms, Any Way You Want it, Don't Stop Believin', and Separate Ways, to name a few. Hopefully Leppard will tour solo next time so we get two hours of just them.

Fan Review - By Michele

Another amazing show at the Borgata!! It started @ 7:45pm when Stoll Vaughn took the stage for a short but enjoyable set. Journey's Jonathan Cain and Ross Valory joined him for two songs as Phil watched on from the side of the stage. The crowd seemed pretty receptive to Stoll. Nice job.

Journey was next up. Just prior to their performance the drummer Dean Castronovo brought his little baby out to his drum kit as we all watched this little baby grab the sticks and pound away at the drums. It was hilarious.. I actually enjoyed Journey this time around. Their new singer Jeff Scott Soto was great and added a lot of energy to the show.

Finally it was time to see what we all had gone there for Def Leppard. It wasn't long before the familiar sounds of we will rock you blasted once again from the pa.The guys took the stage and kicked off with Let's Get Rocked which sounded great but you didn't hear Joe's voice loud enough. This problem seemed to be corrected by the second song my all time fav of Let It Go. Joe hit every note of the song as well as the rest of the night.

Of the last 10 shows I've seen (3 this tour), this was by far the best! The guys were tight and didn't miss a beat. They were all very playful with the crowd. Joe mentioned they noticed a bunch of familiar faces in the crowd and then laughed saying, "We all notice some of our own stalkers here." LOL. Heartbreak and Foolin are always crowd favorites. Rock on went over terrific as always and hearing 20th Century boy for the 1st time was nothing short of amazing! The usuals PSSOM and Love Bites brought the house down. As always the Lepps did not disappoint and put on a hell of a how.

We met a bunch of cool people from all over and had a blast. Thanks to my buddy Sherri for flying in from Missouri for a heck of a time. Can't wait until next time and yes the post concert withdrawal has set in. If you guys haven't seen them yet get out there. It's a great experience live. A wink from Joe sealed the night for me! Get back soon guys.

Fan Review - By Pamela

My friend and I purchased the 5* package for this event. The pre-party was held in the Gypsy Bar prior to the show. We were led up to the venue around 6:45pm. I was thrilled to be front row, dead center again. This was my fourth time seeing the guys at the Borgata.

Joe had mentioned he saw alot of the bands personal stalkers in the front row, and motioned to a couple girls to my left. He turned around, pointed at me and said "And your married" I was lucky to have my camera pointed right at him. The look in his eyes is priceless !!

During BOTHB, I threw my British flag on stage. Joe walked over and motioned to me, asking if it was mine. The security guard in front of me, stood up, telling me I wasn't allowed to throw anything on stage, and if I did it again I would be thrown out. While he was yelling at me, I looked up at Joe and he was flippin' the security guard off behind his back. Thanks Joe! My last show on this tour will be in Baltimore.


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