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Thursday, 20th October 2005

Virginia Beach, VA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By GypsyRunninWild

I'd been counting down the days since I'd heard about the concert and I was all excitement & energy when we got there around 6:30ish. I saw the local band, Revery, momentarily on the side stage.

Ricky Warwick hit the stage, and I was impressed. I found his music rather cool and catchy...and it was awesome when Vivian joined him onstage with a really cool hat. Now that I think about it, I regret not picking up Ricky's CD after his set. I thought it was cool how he could keep my attention with just a guitar. My favorites by him were "Three Sides to Every Story" and "Rich Kids."

Onto Bryan Adams: I'll admit that I wasn't much of a Bryan Adams fan, but I asked a friend of mine to let me borrow his CD just so I wouldn't show up at the concert completely clueless. I thought the best part of his set was when he let this little girl [who was sitting on someone's shoulders] reach out and strum his guitar with her fingers. I wasn't too keen during the part when he chose that girl to sing with him on stage, but she really tried and she looked like she was having fun. When he played "Summer of '69" I rocked out some. Yet I keep thinking his set was longer than Def Leppard's. Oh well, moving on:

As soon as I heard "We Will Rock You," I knew that Def Leppard was about to hit the stage, and as the lights dimmed, I jumped onto my feet and never sat back down. My sister and I totally rocked out, cheering & screaming & dancing, belting the lyrics word-for-word at the tops of our lungs. I can't say anything negative about their set; it was perfect! They guys looked very good and did not disappoint! Joe seemed to give his all onstage and sounded great! Very strong vocals indeed! Phil Collen & Vivian Campbell were killer on the guitar, and they definitely showed off their wicked technique! Rick's drum beats and Sav's rhythm were kick-arse too! I loved the projections of Steve Clark during "Foolin,' " and the cover of "Rock On" was so cool! The show seemed to go by in SECONDS...because as soon as I realized it, they were playing "Bringin' On the Heartbreak" and "Pour Some Sugar On Me." It was definitely PACKED with energy, and the guys obviously played their hearts out.

I really hope that Def Leppard remembers the crowd in Virginia Beach and comes back during the spring! I'd love to see them again; they were absolutely incredible.

Fan Review - By Jacqueline

I didn't get there until about 7:30-right in the middle of Bryan Adams set. His show was awesome!!!! Oceania base was not too far from the amphitheater and jet planes kept flying by during Bryan Adams' set. He stopped to say: When is the flight show over? A girl from Maryland got on stage to sing "Baby, When You're Gone?" When Def Leppard got on stage, everyone stood on their feet!!!! The flight show didn't even happen when they were on stage!!!! They opened with Action and ended with Pour Some Sugar On Me. During the show, Joe commented on how the weather in VA Beach was unpredictable and said that it was f------ freezing!!!! Sav also addressed the crowd as well. They played "Make Love Like A Man" which is one of my fav songs!!!!! Overall, this was the best Def Leppard concert I've been to.


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