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Monday, 15th August 2005

Toronto, ON - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Leppardrocks

Show was awesome. Played for almost 2 hours. Sounded even better than "x" tour. The place was filled to capacity and Joe announced that they found out today that "Rock of Ages" has been certified double platinum!!! The Tea Party were pretty good as well. Finished the show with PSSOM and it sounded great as always. Joe announced that "Yeah" will be released early in the new year. They played "Rock On".....awesome. A great job covering this song. Has a real hard rock edge to it at times!!!!!.

Fan Review - By Sue/Collenfan

It was an awesome amazing concert for us again. This is the 5th time my hubby and I have seen Def Leppard and each time they rock us a little more. This year we took our 15 yr old son for his first ever concert, and he had a blast!! The set list was perfect, and I must say I really liked their version of "Rock On"...it was great! The only thing that I didn't particularly care for were the video images in the back of Rick at times. I really prefer to focus my attention on the band, and often found myself drifting off to the pictures. When you only get to see them every few years, you want to concentrate on them as much as possible. We had excellent seats (section 101-row J)...very close to Phil again. I especially enjoy watching him change his guitars, as he must have used about a dozen last night alone.

It was a very cool show for sure. Everyone was relatively well behaved, but really enjoying themselves. I hope they do come back again, and I hope it just won't be for a "cover" tour. I love these guys and hope that this album isn't their last together, since Viv is going off to do his thing for a bit. Joe's final comment was, "Don't forget us and we won't forget you..." I hope there wasn't an underlining message there... I would suggest to anyone, if you have a chance to see Def Leppard in concert--GO, you will have an amazing time. Your ears don't usually clear up till late the next day!

Fan Review - By Aqualinefine

The venue was packed nearly solid after the gates opened about 15min. late! We were in section 302, not a very good section for pictures of any kind, as they were coming out very blurry, much to our dismay.

The Tea Party got the ball rolling! They kicked royal rump! I was suprised at how well they performed and interacted with the crowd! They really got us on our feet, and many around seemed familiar with their music and extremely happy to see them live.

Leppard took stage around 9pm. We'd been stomping, clapping and singing along to the traditional opener "We Will Rock You!" They wailed right into "Action" after an explosion of our screams and whistles! The Guys looked refreshed and absolutely full of energy. No complaints!!! I attended the Rochester show, being it was last gig before their longed for 10 day break, the show revealed a very weary bunch, who gave it all, but was having a hard time. NOT IN THIS CASE! Joe promply took front and center spinning and tossing his mic stand around a handful of times. Rick BEEMED from behind his set! Viv, Phil and Sav ran around and goofed with each other and the crowd right off the bat! They were smiling and, of course, dressed to kill, hair perfect, threads perfect!

Special bonuses throughout the show were prevelant, ie. Vivian and Sav played a football game with the crowd, who'd provided a rainbow ball, and gotten it on stage. Vivian donned a pair of red panties on HIS HEAD at one point. The Guys quickly huddled and searched the undies over as if there was a treasure inside. It was hysterical. Joe took the mic and asked "Are they clean?" the crowd burst into laughter and cheers! Rick stood from his drum kit in front of the projection screen when they played "Gods Of War" with his arm thrust high and shadowed a peace sign on over it as the stage filled with smoke in reaction to the bombs going off in the video. It was very powerful and such a symbol of strength!

Unlike the Rochester show, we were treated to Joe playing acoustic on "Two Steps Behind." It was awesome that they played this and "Gods!" Joe told us that he's talked to Ronnie Wood of The Stones who'd agreed too, that Toronto is "No joke, a great F'n venue!" All the standards rocked. Joe's voice was immaculate! Harmonies near perfect! When The Guys wrapped up around 10:45 it was as if they didn't want to leave the stage. For nearly 5 minutes, maybe more, and after several thank yous, kisses blown, circling and pic throwing. It was over. Unbelievable sums it up! From the lights, to the projection, to the fact that the sound quality they achieved in The Molson Amptheater was flawless...just amazing!.

Fan Review - By Vicki

The Tea Party opened the show I was surprised how good they were live. Then "We Will Rock You" started to play on the speakers and the audience as a whole sang along. Then the band came out and the audience went insane and did not stop till the show ended. The guys rocked my socks off. I had 8th row floor seats and you could feel the vibration of the music in your chest. I had a great time and lost my voice in the process, too much screaming and singing. I took a few pictures some turned out well. After the show I had the privilege and honour to meet Rick Allen and then I got to meet Phil and Joe. What a bunch of great people with good hearts.

Fan Review - By Doreen

As a first-time visitor, I have absolutely nothing nice to say about the Molson Amphitheater. Parking is limited, and expensive. Once you do find a spot, the walk is long and rambling. Had to wait in the will-call line for about half an hour. Once in the gates, you have to walk through and past a lot of crap (like an amusement/theme park) to get to the actual venue. There are no signs (and very few people) to guide you to your section. And once you get there, it's elbow-to-elbow people. Our seats (ordered about two weeks earlier) were literally in the very last row, off to the far right (Phil's side). Because of the angle, we couldn't see the on-stage screen, with the cool video clips. Could barely see the tiny monitors scattered around overhead, much less the stage. (Admittedly, I'd forgotten my binoculars.) It just sucked.

The lines to the bathrooms and beer/concession stands get all intermeshed and criss-crossed, with people pushing, shoving, and cutting across to inch their way from one area to the other. Just a frustrating mess. Beer was $10.50 (almost twice as much as in Ottawa). The servings were bigger, but there were no lids (my pet peeve), so half of it gets splashed out while trying to fight the crowd. Also, just two tiny mirrors in the ladies' room - and anyone who's ever been in a ladies' room during a rock concert knows that just won't do! Only good thing about the place - monitors at larger beer/food stands, so you could see what was going on as you waaaaiiiiiiittttted for service.

I wish I'd had a camera, because there really wasn't an empty seat in the place (reserved seating for 9,000, lawn seating for 7,000). And as lousy as our seats were, it was cool to see the full house from way up high and off to the side. Would have made a great picture, but I'll just have to live with the memory of it. Surprised/disappointed we couldn't find a review in the papers the next day. Help me out here, Toronto-area people - was there anything Wednesday?

Random thoughts: I noticed that compared to the U.S., very few people wear Lep shirts to the Canadian shows. Almost none, actually. Does anyone have any idea why they dropped "R&R Part 2" from the cue songs? Now it goes right from "Coma" to "We Will Rock You."

THE END, thanks for reading.

Fan Review - By Izzy

The show started with the Canadian band The Tea Party. An alternative Rock trio. I didn't particularly enjoy them, as they didn't really have the same style of music as Def Leppard does. When I looked around I saw just a handful of people dancing and singing along. Everyone else seemed to be talking, walking around finding their seats ect. I missed Ricky Warwick opening for Lep as people seemed a lot more anthusiastic with him as an opening act in 2003.

Lep opened up with a lot of smoke on stage and Action as the first song. They had an excellent stage set. On the screen behind them they had a combination of their videos and other compilations to go along with their songs. At times the boys were on the screen and it was set to look like they were scetched onto the canvas as they were playing. It was really cool. A few times in the beginning of the set they sounded off but everyone was singing along, don't think many people noticed. I was singing and dancing so much for all I know they were at other times as well. As Joe has said that's the magic of playing live, you can get away with it. And he's right.

The only thing I would have liked to see was maybe a little more introduction of the songs. Maybe a few words about some memories they had about the songs they were about to play, or how that particular song came to be ect. Other then that what else can I say? They were truly awesome. I heard afterwards Sav and Viv were under the weather but there was no way to tell what so ever. They had fun with a pair of knickers someone threw on the stage. If they were in anyway not 100% there was no way to know. True professionals!! Keep on Rocking guys!.


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