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Friday, 29th July 2005

St. Paul, MN - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Penny

Randy Coleman was very good! He did remind me of Ricky Warwick less the tattoo's and his lyrics didn't grab me like Ricky's did but he was indeed very good. It was my first show for Bryan Adams and I really loved every minute of it. You can tell he really loves what he does. Some guy just before Bryan came on, pushed his way to the front about three people over from me, he was so drunk/pissed his buddy had to hold onto the back of his shirt cuz he was passing out, I was hoping he wasn't going to loose all his boose on the kids standing in front and to the side of me. He kept yelling one more song to Bryan, lmao Bryan said "Did you just say One More Song Buddy?" then said "The night is young, laughs and says there's a lot more songs yet" laughs again and shakes his head "I can't believe this dude just asked for One More Song". The crowd just roared with laughter from that one. The drunk two down from me. looks at us and says, "Hey, I got Bryan Adams to talk to me." You can tell Bryan loves what he does and he put on a fabulous show! Loved every minute of it!.

Def Leppard well they completely did their job of draining me of any and all energy at the end of the show. They all look great as usual, like Sav in white, looked good. Told us we are number 2 for places to play and I don't believe he says that at every show! At the Quest we were number 1 hmmmm. Throughout the night they often visited the front, did a lot of Poses, played and sang awesome!! The background was a nice touch to add to this show. Loved hearing all my favorites! Won't ever get sick of them. Rocket extended and Rock On was done perfectly!!!! For Rock On, Joe was silhouetted on the riser for the first part of the song... awesome!! Lighting was good again this year!! :( It's the only show I get to go to this year to see them, but, I will be around when they come back around. :)

Fan Review - By Darolare

The concert really was great. Kind of disappointed that they had to drop some songs due to running late, oh well. One very important thing in this tour is that you will be just as entertained in the back of the ball park as you would be if you were right up front. There's a screen in the background that sort of flashes video of back when they first started, and now. The crowd at the St. Paul show was just as great as always. In my opinion, Def Leppard has the greatest concert crowds. Everybody is there for the same reason. To have fun. To make friends. Not to run to the bathroom and check makeup every five minutes, or get so wasted drunk you don't remember it the next day. Couldn't say that I had a favorite song, I love them all. Rock On, though. You all can't even imagine, unless you've been to see them sing that song, how incredible it sounds when they play it.

Fan Review - By Michelle

The show was fantastic as always. Every time I see Def Leppard they get better live. They played less than an hour and a half. Only 16 songs total I think. That was a little disappointing, but the performance was superb. They started out with "Action". Joe really knows how to work the crowd. They sounded so good. I was sitting in the stands. When they did the encore we went onto the field. The last song that they played was "Pour Some Sugar on Me". The crowd was really getting into that one. I got a good laugh at all the drunk people dancing down on the field.

I don't think that I would go to another concert at Midway Stadium. Parking was awful and so was traffic before and after. Also the toilet and food situation sucked - you had to wait in line forever.

But all in all I'm really glad that I got to see my favorite band live again. They never disappoint and I don't think any band out there, especially today, can touch them live.

>Fan Review - By Jeremy

I've been following Def Leppard since there Pyromania album and have been to every show they've played in Minnesota since then. I was recently at there summer ballpark tour with Bryan Adams and they rocked. The place was jammed packed and there were fans from all over. Some from South and North Dakota, Wisconsin, Canada, Iowa,and fans from Alaska. Friends and I tailgated in the parking lot a few hours before and we had fun talking with fans walking by telling us where they're from and how great the show was. If Def Leppard is coming to a town or state near you, I would highly recommend making the trip or taking the day off to get rocked, because when Def Leppard opens with "Do you wanna get rocked" they mean it!!.

Fan Review - By Defleplrp

The concert was GREAT!!! We were pretty close before it started, but then my friend and I were talking and this drunk women fell on me! So we moved back pretty far... that sucked. But I went closer for a little bit and got on someone's shoulder and waved to Sav. He looked and smiled and pointed!!! The Lepps all looked great! Sav had all white on, Joe all black. Viv had a long un- buttoned shirt on. Phil had no shirt on... as usual!!! My mum was surprised at how much they rocked!!! SHe said that they were extremely entertaining (all of this was no news to me! lol). She also HAD to point out that she thought Sav had a cute bottom!!! If I were a music critic, I give two thumbs up and 20 stars!!!!!.


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