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Saturday, 30th July 2005

Schaumburg, IL - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By msmurawski

I just got back from the Def Leppard/Bryan Adams show and both groups sounded great. The show was sold out and the crowd took a while to warm up but eventually everybody was rocking!

They played the usual set list. The best songs were Rocket, Women, Rock of Ages and I really liked their version of Rock On. Then again, Def Leppard could have done a cover of a Frank Sinatra song and I would have liked it. Joe really knows how to nail a song. The only disappointment was that they didn't play Gods of War (my favorite song). Other than that the show was awesome!.

Fan Review - By Sarah

Well I just wanted to let everyone know that they were great. I wait to get in was long but paid off my daughter and I got front and center!! I loved every song they played. Alexis (my daughter who is 8) wished they played Two Steps Behind or When Love and Hate Collide, but she was loving them being so close to us. Phil tried twice to give her his picks but the guy next to us kept grabbing them so that sucked for her. They are playing to the Loop Fest in Sep. Hoping to get close again. They rocked and I can't wait to see them again. If anyone sees pics of the front row could u please sent them to me. I am hoping to see my kid in there. Thanks.

Fan Review - By Danaluvsdef

Well, yesterday's show (July 30) was amazing!!! I was waiting for this day since the tour was announced, and I can without hesitation say it was so worth the wait!!! They looked wonderful, they sounded unbelievable and my eyes were glued to the stage from the minute they came on, until the lights came up and their set was over. Lucky me I was standing close to the front of the stage, off to the side just a bit, and I got to see them coming out of the backstage area and take their positions off stage for the introduction. As soon as I saw Phil, my heart was pounding out of my chest because I knew what was next. This was my husband's very first Def show, and the 1st thing he said when it was over was, "I wish they were playing another hour or hour & a half, I don't want it to be over yet." I told him not to worry since we are seeing them again in September at the Loopfest, which they will be headlining, so they will play longer than last night. They were so on their mark, not missing a beat or a note. Joe was having just a slight strain on a few of the really high notes, but nothing that he couldn't handle, and they gave a stellar performance!!! Old stuff, new stuff, it all was just AWESOME!!!!

There were quite a few people I met who had never seen them before, and after the show, were reeling over the whole experience. I told them beforehand, wait until you here them live, it is indescribable, and they ALL said I was right. Of course I was right, I know my music, and I know what kind of show these guys give, 1000% all the time!! I really liked the fact that the t-shirts were a lot cheaper than some of the other concerts I have been to in recent times. The only bad thing was the venue that they had to play at sucked!!! They were totally under staffed for this event, and we stood outside of the stadium a ridiculously long line, same thing for food & drinks. We did like the sound though, it was loud, clear and when they spoke we could understand what they were saying.

Of course, we left soon after Bryan Adams took the stage, I got what I went for, and we wanted to beat the traffic going out of the ballpark. Apparently, we were not the only ones there just for Def, tons of people started heading out at the same time as us, all saying pretty much the same thing, they were there to see Def, not BA. Not taking anything away from him, but that was kind of a weird combo, and putting him on last was really dumb. Personally, it should have been JUST Def, and all the tickets would have still sold out right away. It was very obvious that the majority of the crowd was there to see our boys, and got what they came to see. If it is one thing I can say FOR SURE, when you go to a Def Leppard show, you will NEVER leave unhappy or disappointed!!! Now, I can't wait until Loopfest, when I get to see the GREATEST band ever play again!! Have I been blessed by the rock gods or what? Twice in one summer, TOO COOL!!!!!.

Fan Review - By Marlo

I have been a Lep fan since the early 80’s and have seen them approximately 7 times before I knew I could expect a great show from Def Leppard. I hadn’t seen them since the Slang tour because I lived in GA and for some reason when they toured there I was either very pregnant with one of my kids or had just had them. So I forgot just HOW great they are live! We got to Alexian field at about 4pm and there was already about 100 + people in line waiting in the summer sun.

It was a great day for an outside concert to say the least. I really wanted to get there earlier so I could hear the soundcheck but my husband felt he had to finish the yard work 1st. After a few minutes in line all of the sudden I hear some music coming from the stadium and they launch into Promises then Action! I was so excited I didn’t miss soundcheck! This made me even more excited for the show. The ladies in line in front of us were great as well as the father and his 2 sons behind us. We all laughed and had fun during the wait. Security moved the line several times before they settled on a spot to keep the ever growing winding line in the parking lot. I was amazed at how many people came early. There were several who tried to sneak in line but most people just walked by and moaned at how long the line was as they headed across the parking lot to the end.

While waiting on line we heard security say no cameras so my husband took ours back to the car. So they only pictures we got were with his cell phone. 5:30 hit and the line started moving. Yippee it was really starting! Security called all the men to one line and the women to another so they could be searched before they got in. Thankfully my husband knew just where I wanted to be for the concert and headed there while my sister in law and I waited to be let in. A few minutes later we meet up again stage right Phil’s side! He said we could have gotten closer if I had wanted Viv’s side but he knew to head straight for Phil’s side. We ended up about 10 people deep on the floor. No complaints from me! Ok so I still wish I could be closer. Beggars can’t be choosers though so I was happy. At one point we actually had some press guy standing next to us taking pictures with a press pass on. So I guess we were in a good spot.

Randy Coleman was OK and he seemed to be enjoying himself and the crowd was polite. The people on the floor next to us were just as great as the people waiting inline. We did see a few blankets coming in but we felt they were used more as space savers then to hang out and watch the show on.

Then it was time for the Leps to take the stage! They launch into Action and the thrill ride has begun! All I can say is they were amazing live! I really did forget just how amazing they are. The set list seemed to be the same as all their other shows. I was very happy to hear Rock on and Promises. I do wish they could have played some newer stuff since I had already heard all the Hysteria and Pyro songs live several times before. I do understand that this was a ‘Best of’ tour though. The crowd around us was great no complaints at all during the Lep show. It was great to see all the guys looking so happy! I loved watching them run around the stage away from their mikes just singing along with Joe as if they were listening to their favorite singer play. Sav seemed especially playful that night even taking the mike to address the crowd at one point. Joe also mentioned that the show sold out in 1 day! They seemed very happy about that fact. I also had to chuckle when Viv’ went to go take a drink and Joe said some thing like 'bring that beer over here’ and Viv teased him with it. I also noticed that they seem to be more social with the people in the 1st few rows, talking and such to them. Not that they are ignoring the rest of the crowd but it was fun to watch them socialize with them up front. Joe did sound a bit hoarse I am guessing because it was the 2nd night of a 3 day set of gigs. Either way he still sounded better then most singers live!

After a short intermission it would be time for Bryan Adams to take the stage. I have also been a Bryan Adams fan for yrs and have also seen him several times live so I knew he would be a great live show too. I had actually seen Def Leppard and Bryan Adams play live together years ago at MSG in NYC( 5th row ). Bryan took the stage and some how the nice polite crowd changed! My husband commented that he was sure the Def Leppard / Bryan Adams fan ratio was 9 -1 leps. I can only speak for the front area of the floor but the crowd was mobbed and pushing and shoving during most of the show. That surprised me! I was kind of expecting that for the lep part but not the Bryan Adams part. I am sorry I underestimated the Lep fans and how great they are. Bryan sounded perfect live. He worked the crowd as a whole and really played them up which was fun. I had to laugh when he brought the 1st girl in the belt for a skirt on stage and when she started to sing he stopped the song and said ‘why don’t you go play the tambourine!’ Then he picked another woman to sing with him who did a great job and seemed to be a real true fan of Bryan’s so I was happy for her. When she finished the song she mentioned her husband said she could leave him for Bryan and he laughed and faced him and said ‘Man if you don’t get lucky tonight you never will!’ LOL The tambourine girl was just a freak I am sorry but hey the guys in the audience got a show to say the least. Even with all of the pushing, shoving and pot smoking during the Bryan Adams half of the show it was a great night and one I won’t forget!.


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