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Friday, 4th November 2005

San Diego, CA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Lesley

Def Leppard rocked San Diego!!! They gave an absolutely flawless performance and were amazing!!! This was my fourth time seeing them on this tour and they just keep getting better and better every time I see them.

First of all, I have to say that I was very impressed with Ricky Warwick. This was the first time I had heard his music and he really surprised me. He was awesome! Vivian even came out and joined him for two songs. I will definitely be buying his CDs.

Bryan Adams was great as well and I really enjoyed his set. The crowd was pretty subdued and sitting down during his set and about a third of the way through his set he told San Diego to get off their a$$es and most everyone did. Bryan and his band put on a really good show.

I have to say that the turnout was much better than I expected and the only empty seats were way up top and there weren't a whole lot of those. It was very evident from the crowd that almost everyone there were there to see the Lepps. Everywhere you looked someone was wearing a Def Lep shirt. As soon as the lights went down and "We Will Rock You" started playing over the PA, everyone was on their feet in anticipation of the GREATEST ROCK BAND IN THE WORLD to take the stage!!! From the opening riff of Action to the end of Pour Some Sugar on Me, the guys were pumped and full of energy! Joe's voice, as always, sounded incredible. He was all over the stage and twirling his mic around and just full of enthusiasm! Phil, Viv, and Sav were outstanding as was THE THUNDER GOD! My only complaint about the show is that it was too short. Honestly, though, they could have played all night long and it still wouldn't have been enough!!! I have to say seeing my favorite band from the front row was a truly surreal experience and one that I will never forget. Thank you Def Leppard for another AMAZING and SENSATIONAL performance!.

Fan Review - By Vivian

The show was amazing....Very high energy. They didn't talk a whole lot to the audience and they seemed to run through the songs very quickly, but I probably was just wishing they would play longer.

Fan Review - By Lisa

Def Leppard was, once again, AWESOME!!!! The last time I saw them at the San Diego Sports Arena (now iPayOne) was in 1992 on the Adrenalize tour. They are just as good now as they were then. They look and sound perfect. I can always count on having a fun time at a Lepp concert. Joe mentioned the concert at Jack Murphy Stadium in 1983 in front of 55,000 people, the biggest crowd at the time and, according to Joe, one of their top 5 memorable concerts. And I was there too!!!! :) It was great to hear Let It Go in their set again. No Matter What and Rock On went over very well with the crowd. I heard lots of singing. The hits were non-stop and absolutely fantastic!!! My only complaint is that it was too short. I could rock with Def Leppard all night. We saw the guys walk out to their busses after the concert and Joe waved, but no visiting. Maybe next time!?!.


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