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Thursday, 10th November 2005

Sacramento, CA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Geoff

Hey everyone. I need to start my review by saying that out of the hundred or so concerts I've been to in my 33 years, I've never experienced an energy or excitement like the kind Def Leppard exudes on stage. It is absolutely impossible to stand still, much less sit down, during the entire show. I saw them in Fresno on June 4 of this year, and I didn't think anything could top that. I was wrong. For those of us that have seen DL many times before, they seem to keep getting better as the years (and apparently months) pass. For those who will be seeing them for the first time, get ready to be blown away!!!

Everybody's voice was unbelievable. Joe did hit a few high notes I wasn't expecting him to. That was a nice surprise. The bands' harmonies are probably the best in all of rock music. They each own the key their voice is tuned to for each particular song, and nobody stands out louder than the rest. A rich blend of tenor and baritone voices. Vivian continues to impress the hell out of me with his high harmonies. One of the highlights of the show for sure.

Guitars, bass, drums all mixed well together...everything tuned beautifully. I've really only got two major complaints about the show. The first one is that Joe's voice was drowned by the guitars often during the set, especially during the song verses, when the guitars are supposed to accompany the voices, not overpower them. The chorus, of course, is a different story. Whoever was working the mixing board wasn't on their game last night. The lead singer's mic should be louder than any other on stage, and that wasn't the case last night either. Joe's got such a distinctive voice that it should stand out, not be drowned out.

As far as the setlist goes, of course it was the same as the previous shows featuring Bryan Adams (who, by the way, was great last night). As I said before, I attended the Fresno show five months ago, and the set last night was identical to that, with the exception of "Let It Go" replacing "Women" (this was a recent removal) and "Rock On" replacing "Have You Ever..." (this was done after the Tampa, FL show on June 14).

This brings me to my other major complaint. The shows with Bryan Adams really get shorted by not having "Gods Of War" or "Two Steps Behind" played, as they are in the shows Cheap Trick or Ricky Warwick played. Even "Slang" was played in a few shows before BA and DL came back to the West Coast. That's disappointing for two reasons. First of all, Bryan's set was about five minutes longer than DL's (easily time for one more song). Secondy, if they removed the extended guitar solos at the end of "Love Bites" and in the middle of "Rocket" they could play "Gods" with no problem. The guitars sound great, but not at the expense of songs we want to hear so bad.

Believe me, it's truly tough to be critical when a concert like last night is so good. I know I speak for everyone when I say we can't wait for them to tour next summer.

Fan Review - By Laura

Well here it is...the day after a spectacular concert...Arco Arena is a good venue with 14000+ seating...It was not a sold out show but from what I saw it was close....Everyone up on their feet. The show started with "Queens" We will Rock you....I knew the band was coming out when that song started playing...Same set list as previous shows...So I knew what to expect...The guys were in top form...Joe.....well what can I say. Met up with another fan from the Def Leppard site....We both had a great time. Keep on rockin.

Fan Review - By Songiman

Hey fellow Def Leppard fans! I have been a DF fan since "on thru the night" and have seen them 3 times live in concert. The previous show before this last one was in 2002, the "X" tour. That show ROCKED our socks off!! They played almost all of side 'A' of "high n' dry" the first 5 songs and the audience LOVED it! Still consider that show one of my top 5 shows EVER!

Now the show on Nov. 10th was WEAK!! Yes, WEAK! Sorry to say that I and my wife were VERY disappointed with this show, VERY. Instead of coming out with a killer DF song on the very first one, they played a cover song, "action" and it just started going downhill from there. DF only played like a hour and a half and did THREE covers, hey, if I want to hear covers that DF did, I will buy the album, but I want to see DF play DF songs for the short time they are on stage.

I will give them another chance though, but only one more, cause if they play the lame set they played on the 10th, I am NEVER going to pay to see them again, I work to hard for my money for the band to put in a "half ass" effort. Sorry I couldn't say anything good about the other night, but like I said, they can put on the best show in the world, IF THEY WANT TOO!!.

Fan Review - By Piper

The show started with the usual Queen opening track (I am a huge Queen fan but this needs to change). It would be great if the band would play background with one of their songs as they did with Disintegrate. Although I did not keep track of the official set list, the band opened with ACTION. This song is one of my favorites but it did not go down well as an opening song. Rock of Ages would have been the best choice. The sound was off somewhat with Phil but after a few adjustments, the sound was great. The energy was good, the crowd OK, not super rowdy as it has been at some shows.

I have attended well over 25 Lepp concerts over the years, big arenas, small venues and county fairs, from the High & Dry tour to this one so honestly I can say I am one true follower so I feel it is fair for me to say that the boys need to update themselves. The setlist was not good for the Rock of Ages tour. They played nothing from On Through the Night, Let It Go and Bringin' On the Heartbreak from High n Dry (these could easily have been High n Dry and Switch 625 or Mirror, Mirror, the usual from Pyro: Photograph, Foolin' (please guys, put this one to bed), Rock of Ages, From Hysteria: Rocket, Animal, Love Bites, Sugar, Armageddon It (another one that needs to be dropped)and Hysteria, the short version which is real bummer because this song is the DOPE!! from Adrenalize: Let's Get Rocked (yawn), from Retroactive: Action (opening song), nothing from Slang (they NEED to include Slang), from Euphoria: Promises (this needs to be changed to Demolition Man, from X, nothing!(this needs to be NOW at least or Four Letter Word) and two cover songs : No Matter What and David Essex's Rock On which was AWESOME.

The energy level of the band was great. Joe did not do a lot of talking, soccer balanced a beach ball thrown up from the crowd and kept his voice at a realistic octave for him. On a side note, I sat right in front of two of the guys from Tesla: Brian Wheat (Joe's good friend) and Jeff Keith. They both gave the show a thumbs up! They need to drop the encore bit as it does not go over well with old or new fans. I don't know if any of these guys hit the new acts but very few are doing encores anymore. All in all. a good show.


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