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Wednesday, 27th July 2005

Peoria, IL - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Cheri

Well, all I can say is the show was totally awesome, and I can't wait until September 4th to see them in Chicago!!!!! I have followed Def Leppard since I was a sophomore in high school which was in 1978, shortly after they started out. I was really into them in the early and mid 80's until I got married. Fortunately my husband had all their albums too and loved them almost as much as I do. Of course, like a lot of people, I tend to listen to the new music and had gotten away from the 80's. (It will always be my favorite music though)!

A few months back I heard an old Def Leppard song on the radio and was immediately brought back to the early 80's. I went home and dug out all my old LP's of DL and started playing them. My kids didn't even know I owned a "record player" and were kind of blown away by it. On May 17th I went right out and bought "Rock Of Ages The Definitive Collection" and that and other DL music is the only thing I have been listening to. I purchased a few of the DVD's (Visualize, Hysteria, The Def Leppard Story, Pyrographic and Def Leppard, The Best Of Video's which I had to purchase from a guy in Thailand since it wasn't released in the States. After being hooked once again, I watched the video's and listened to their music day and night until I had my 10 year old daughter hooked on Def Leppard. A true Green Day Fan was begging me to take her to the Peoria concert with me! Since she did indeed, watch the video's and agree to listen to MY DL CD's in the car constantly, I had to break the news to my husband that she, and not him would be going to Peoria!

We had 5th row seats (the closest I've ever been at any concert) and it was just amazing! They looked and sounded like they haven't aged a bit! I think they get better looking and SEXIER with age. I thought they sounded absolutely fabulous! Joe didn't hit the "high" note on Promises, but what do you expect with night after night performances! They totally rocked!!!!!!! A security guard even gave a "Sav" guitar pick to my daughter. I won't even mention what I had to do to bribe her to give it to me! Even though I introduced a new generation to DL, it will be my husband going to Chicago with me. Def Leppard is and will always be #1 with Cheri from St. Louis, MO USA! PS: Like Joe mentioned at the concert, it's awesome that the UK and the USA are on the same side! We love you!!!!.

Fan Review - By SteelLepp

This was my 6th Def Lep show, and 2nd at the Peoria Civic Center. I thought this was probably the best Def Leppard show I have seen. The band had a ton of energy and looked like they were having a blast. The set list was the current "Greatest Hits" that they seem to be playing at every show, but it was still a great performance. The highlight of the show for me was the extended guitar solo bit with Viv & Phil during Rocket. It actually brought back the "guitar solo" to the Def Lep show and both of them looked like they were truely enjoying the moment(s).

The only "con" I can think of was the video board. It was distracting to me & parts of it looked like whoever was running it just found the "emboss" feature in his Paint program. All-in-all a truely excellent show.

Fan Review - By Joella

I went by myself. I bought my ticket on eBay. Third row, shipped overnight for less than $100 to my door. It’s a 3 hour drive to Peoria but my in-laws live there so I’d have a place to crash, I even stayed an extra day. I also felt guilty about spending my 6th wedding anniversary seeing Def Leppard while hubby stayed at home. It’s a good thing that neither one of us puts much stock into that kind of thing, lol.

What can I say about seeing Def Leppard in Peoria? Not much, especially if you were hoping this was a review of Def Leppard. I don’t remember what they were wearing, or Joe’s conversations with the audience, etc. I don’t even remember the entire set list. I just remember rockin’ out with the band and the crowd. This was my fourth show and once again I had managed to be no farther than five rows from the stage. I had a great time! And so did the crowd……. I remember more about the crowd than the band. I had printed out the seating chart and had the names of some Def Leppard message board members and some seat numbers and I tried to find them to say hello. I found two of them and introduced myself. It turns out that I spoke to another member inquiring about the seat next to his wife! The third member found me because of the flashing guitar pin I was wearing. I got a picture with her after the show.

I snuck a crappy disposable camera under my skirt into the venue. I took some pictures. They’re not that great, even from 3rd row! They didn’t even search for any cameras, either. I decided to bring my digital camera to my next show in South Bend and try the same thing. Def Leppard is probably the only band I go see that’s been around for a really long time, and I saw them then and I see them now. I’m just happy to still be able to do that. They rock! And that’s all I have to say about that.


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