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Sunday, 13th November 2005

Las Vegas, NV - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Shaz

The Joint was really hopping Sunday night with Ricky Warwick and Leppard. Ricky wore this battered old cowboy hat that obscured his face, LOL, but had a great show for us. The crowd was very appreciative of him, and he informed us that he had been married that very afternoon on the stage, and we all gave him a big round of applause for congratulations. She is a very lovely lady, Ricky!

Viv came out and played a couple of songs with him, Three Sides to Every Story and a new one that I can't remember the name of but I enjoyed it very much! Viv was all smiles and they sounded great.

Leppard burst onto the stage with Action (I won't go into the setlist because our mighty webmaster has already provided you with that information - you can thank me later for that, Darren) and they all looked pumped and full of energy! I was happy to be in a section of the crowd that was really into the fist pumping and singing along - from what I could see the rest of the crowd was really getting into it too, we sure made enough noise! I was looking forward to seeing the video screen behind the band but this venue couldn't accommodate that, so the screens were off to the side. I didn't want to take my eyes off the band long enough to watch the screens so I missed most of that. From what I did see, it was very cleverly done and lots of cool effects.

I do have to comment about Rock On. I was curious how they would approach that song because of the sound effects in the beginning - and it started and all you saw was Joe singing alone in a faint spotlight, very atmospheric, very appropriate. It sounded so cool - and then BAM! The rest of the band exploded on stage with the lights and we all went "WOW!!" This song is my new favorite performed live!

Joe commented that since this was the last show of the current leg of the tour they were throwing in some songs they don't normally play, and then we heard Rick on the drums and Joe yells, "SLANG!!" The crowd went nuts (at least, around me it did)! As I said before, everyone seemed so happy to be on stage and full of energy, it really was an awesome concert. Joe looked great, the sound was extremely loud and to me sounded somewhat distorted, so I can't honestly say if his voice was clear or you could tell he was having problems. Someone else who attended might have been able to hear better. Sav in leather pants? Need I say more?? sigh Phil waited at least... let me think... three songs before the shirt came off. Hehe.. oh and Phil - that Bela guitar is SO cool, I didn't realize it glowed in the dark! It was great seeing that guitar on stage again, like seeing an old friend after a very long time. Viv was all grins and played up a storm, but the red shirt? Where did that come from Viv? LOL.. even Joe wasn't sure about that! And Rick Allen, our dear Thundergod, sounded awesome as usual behind his kit. Joe looked really good and was in a very talkative mood, he's just a fabulous frontman. All together these guys put on one hell of a show!

As the band was saying goodnight, Joe was telling us his customary, "Don't forget about us..." and the crowd responded with "...we won't forget about you!" It was just an awesome night, one I'll be remembering for a long time. Thank you guys!.

Fan Review - By Cathy

Gods of War was really kick-ass! And at the end, when the rest of the band went offstage & Rick was the only one out there, standing up behind his kit while all the other sound effects & quotes were going on, holding up his fingers in the peace sign...I found that to be quite poignant. He was perfectly still, and his message was crystal clear. I had wondered, long before this tour, when the war started, if they'd play Gods. Remember they were dedicating LLW2G to the troops? Well now, obviously we knew they were doing Gods sometimes on this tour (and had soundchecked it in my hometown of Mesa, AZ at Hohokam park, but didn't play it). So I haven't heard it live since the whole war bullsh*t began and I really was curious about that.

I love Action, I'm always stoked to hear it! Same with Slang, yeah bay-bee!

And Viv - I LOVED the red shirt!!! ;-) Viv - lookin' damn good - looked like he was having a blast, and I love that - makes it all the more fun for us, and I HOPE it makes it all the more fun for them too! The grins, the laughing, the interplay between Viv & Phil -- it's all good!

Phil - lookin' great (no surprise there, he always looks great), and I'm with Shaz - love the Bela guitar! But, 3 songs before the shirt came off? Was it really that many?? (hahaha) Joe - Very energetic, helluva frontman (as always), lookin' awesome, and really seemed fairly secure in his own rockstar status (read: pretty g*ddamed full of himself, and I loved every minute of it!!! He was The Shit, and he knew it, hahaha!)

Sav - ***SIGH*** I can't get enough of that bass (and the man who plays it). I wish he had more solos. He looked super-hot, pulling out all his rockstar moves, and I was very happy that his mic was turned up & I could really hear him singin. :-D I don't know what else to say that wouldn't be "lusting", so I'll have to stop talking about him at this point. Let me just say this: I adore Sav, always have, and he most definitely didn't disappoint with his performance Sunday night. Well...maybe if he'd look up & make eye-contact more often -- that would certainly be a thrill!! But *no matter what*, he has a special place in my heart. Maybe someday I'll get a chance to sit & talk with him. The one time I met him, I was so utterly starstruck that it was a good thing Shaz was doing the talking! And he was SOOOO very sweet and kind to us that day. Maybe someday he'll be kind enough to give me another chance to try & get a couple words out without freezing up. *hoping hoping hoping!!*

Anyway, as for the mic -- Yeah, I don't know if it was just front-of-house sound where I was, or the fact that everyone around me was singing at the top of their lungs (me included) so I could hear the crowd more than I could hear the man - but Joe's mic definitely wasn't loud enough. A couple times it looked like he was aware of it too. I'd be curious to know if people in the back of the place could hear him better, or not. And come on guys, they've got plenty of sound people, why the hell doesn't someone DO something about it when someone's mic is outta whack?? Surely there's a little volume knob or some such thing, right?? Turn it UP!

And I also agree - Rock On was FREAKIN AWESOME! Loved it!! That is one song for sure that Joe's mic was loud & clear - he sounded sooooo damn good!! Thanks Leppard!!!! WE WON'T FORGET YOU!!!!!.


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