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Friday, 22nd July 2005

Hollywood, FL - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By rgator

The show was great. The venue holds about 5500 people and was sold out. They went on around 8:30 and played until 10:15. They did not actually play "Let It Go". Joe struggled during a few songs especially Photograph but overall sounded great. Highlights were Gods of War, Animal, and Rock of Ages. They definitely still have it.

Fan Review - By Ryan

The concert was AMAZING last night..a couple little problems but overall it was great. and a little setlist change, they did not play two steps behind. the show started at 8:30 and they played till around 10:20 or so. The doors opened late due to some electrical problems which also caused the video screen to go out for a little while, but as long as we had sound I was happy.

The venue didn't allow cameras, but I snuck one in and got a couple good pics, they are a little dark but ill try and send them to you when I get home to South Carolina. They all looked and sounded great after their 10 day break. The lights and sound was awesome. My favorite part was when they played their new "NO Matter What" song. Viv started it out and played it perfect even threw his solo with the slide. It was all great. And Phil just doesn't stop with his solos, when they did their guitar duel towards the end of Rocket, Phil was just flying threw his solos. It was everything I wanted to hear and see.

However, I hope they never play at Hard Rock again considering the security was Horrible. They were walking up and down and around everywhere getting in the way, and they let certain people up front and other people had to stay back, which i didn't think was very fair. But I heard rumors about the leps playing with Aerosmith later in the year so I look forward to that. If you ask me, Def Leppard still has the capability to rock in them and who ever doesn't think so needs some help.

Fan Review - By Penny Johnson, Barbados

It's impossible for me not to have been totally blown away by Def Leppard last night. Me and 5 friends travelled 1,200 miles up from Barbados to see my favourite band - show of my life!!!

They were awesome!! I remember thinking that the start off was a bit slow but after "Let's get Rocked" the entire auditorium warmed up to them. The beauty of the performance was in the crowd's response. With 5,500 people singing ALL the lyrics to every song played ("... and if you need it, say YEAH!!!!") (title of the upcoming album, Joe explained), the experience was UNforgettable!!! Most noticeable for me was the absence of the words "hit it Steve" in "Armageddon It". (I'd never heard them live before). Instead Joe sang "Hit it, Boys" - the only poignant moment for me. Otherwise it was screaming, rocking exhilaration right to the finish.

I think the lighting was giving them some problems, because just before they introduced Vivian Campbell and played "Rocket", Joe said that the power problems being experience at the venue left him feeling "like a guy getting out of a cold bath in front of a bunch of women". Never mind, we let him know that as long as the sound was there, no one cared about the lighting, or whatever else it was.

Another poignant moment - Joe held up the British flag as a tribute to those who had suffered in the London bombing and received a roar of support from the audience. (The big guy next to me shouted f**k Allah!)

I notice that a lot of others on the site complained about the security and I agree. They were totally over-zealous. The seats were a bit cramped, after all - no room for real "expression" - for the very last song "Pour Some Sugar on Me", I decided to "pretend" to be going to the loo and danced a bit in the aisle. It took about 1 minute for one of them to politely say "I'm sorry ..." and gesture me back to my seat. Unfortunately for me, they were the "fold up type". Long story short: It ended in disaster for me. I didn't see nor feel the black-and-blues until this morning, though.

To say this was the experience of a lifetime for me is an understatement. It was brilliantly, blissfully, wonderfully the most fun I have ever had. If Def Leppard are ever in your area (or otherwise) do not miss them! Love to you all in London.

Fan Review - By Trish

The show the guys did was absolutely incredible!!! They looked and sounded like they did 20 years ago. Better actually because of their musical growth. They are the friendliest band as well. They all came out and gave us pictures and autographs. Thanks for your ongoing support of yes, by far the best band in the world!!!.

Fan Review - By Laurene

Our show was at the Hard Rock Hollywood Fla it was absolutely awesome - the guys were and are amazing - they sounded awesome, although Joe said there were lighting problems - I didn't notice, the set list was great - they could've played all nite and it still would not have been enough, started out w/ Action - loved the cover of Rock On also - Gods of War song was definitely what we all needed - saw other fans posts on different shows and some were unhappy - don't know why -- but whatever the case I thought it was very understandable - I did think that the security was a little over bearing - no cameras were aloud - no one was able to get closer to the stage (from what I heard and read) all in all a very awesome set from beginning to end - will always support def lepp - and will see them again.


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