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Tuesday, 21st June 2005

Green Bay, WI - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By DigitalLep

Def Leppard and Green Bay have a long lasting love affair that goes back almost to the very begining and last night was proof the band and the city are still on great terms. Def Leppard have played the Green Bay area on every tour except for the Slang tour and it was easy to see last night why Def Leppard remain one of this areas favorite bands. Not sure of exact numbers as I type this but I heard attendence was somewhere in the 4,000 to 5,000 range.

Lots of 35 year olds with more kids then hair but also a fair showing of 18-25 year olds as well. This felt like a straight up rock show, few frills or extras just two classy bands and great music.

Def Leppard looked fantastic...Joe in particular seems to be in great shape and his voice can still get it done. The guys looked somewhat tired in 2003 (X tour) but this time around they all seemed to be having a lot of fun and had a little more bounce in their steps.

Highlights include Promises, No Matter What, Rock On and Rock of Ages. Promises in particular was performed with so much power and energy it felt like it was 1988 for those 3 and a half minutes. Watch this band perform Promises and tell me they can't do it anymore! I dare ya! Both 'new' covers I thought were excellent and unlike most casual fans I go to hear the new stuff so those were cool.

The light show and stage is pretty basic but still very well done. For all the hype the light show got on the X tour it may have been even better last night. The video screen is good but maybe next time place two smaller screens on each side and maybe a cool logo backdrop in the center. I had friends to the very right of the stage and they couldn't see 75% of the video board because of the speakers.

Low lights include Action as an opener, nothing from Slang or X and Photograph and Pour Some Sugar On me feel tired and stale. I would also like to see them leave out either Hysteria or Love Bites in favor of something like When Love and Hate Collide. But those are very minor points.

If last night is truely Def Leppard 2005 then these guys are far from the end. There are bands 15 years younger who can't pull off what Def Leppard does tour in and tour out. Say what you will about the style of music they produce these days but you can take nothing away from Def Leppard live...well, you can take one thing away and that is a gigantic smile on your face.

Fan Review - By Barbara in Wisconsin

Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said? Not much. Just that Def Leppard can still rock! People keep mentioning age. Well, they sure the hell made me feel younger again, and going back to work wasn't even so bad. I'd say anyone who can do that deserves all the standing ovations, awards, and dedicated websites that they have. It's no wonder.

Although people have mentioned an inability to hear Joe Elliott's voice, I could hear it with no problems. Maybe it's the setup of the speakers. Whatever, they all sounded right on to me. The guitars, bass, and of course, Rick. He didn't get an extended spotlight time of playing, but, I guess they needed the time to play all their "hits". Which they did. And the crowd dug it!! They were amazing! And LOUD! When I noticed the unfilled arena, I wondered but, they more than made up for the lack of numbers. Or should I say 'we'.? It was fantastic! Sorry, couldn't help it. Heck, I'm just a fan. Not a writer. But, this fan, is once again refreshed with enthusiasm for these guys. ROCK ON!!!...and then some.

Fan Review - By Leanne

Not much of a writer, but WOW I have been a faithful fan of Def Leppard since 1981. I live in Minnesota and always try to see the Leps at least twice a tour so I traveled to Green Bay to a friends. Well worth the 6 hour drive and then some. Joe looks his best Ive seen him in a long time. Shows how happy he must be. Nice to see the interaction between Viv and Phil that seemed to be lacking during X on some dates. Cover of ROCK ON, Joe was Dead on and made my hair on my arms stand on end. Having the return of opener of TESLA was extra bonus. Here's waiting for 7-29-05 to see in St Paul, MN and hoping GA will give me as much youth as Green Bay did.

Fan Review - By chesneyluver

Hey I went to Def Leppard on June 21st and saw them in Green Bay. They were so good. It's my second time seeing them. I hope everyone who gets a chance to see them next will have an awesome time too. I love them so much and Tesla was great.

Fan Review - By jdsmith

We attended Def Leppard concert, front row tickets.In Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA, on a Tuesday night. Paid 270 US Dollars on Ebay. Tesla opened. We were surprised that Joe Elliott did not realise he had been to this arena two years ago. However he was very friendly with the audience. The concert was 18 songs in the set with 1 encore. The show was not sold out, maybe 80% of the arena. We enjoyed the video screen behind the drummer. The cameraman was shooting live shots of Joe and Vivian and Rick and Phil during the songs, putting it to animation. We did notice Def Leppard was not as loud as Tesla.


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