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Tuesday, 23rd August 2005

Edmonton, AB - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By T.J.

The Leps put on an amazing show in Edmonton last night! The energy they gave their fans made it hard to believe that they have been touring for months. There were so many great moments it is hard to narrow them down. I guess the best songs for me were... Two steps behind...they did an amazing acoustic version!

Photograph...sounded amazing and was really cool with the photos of Marilyn Monroe on the screen blended with the band. Rock of Ages...that is the song that got even the most boring person in the stands rockin!!!

Fan Review - By Jude

HOLY CRAP, IT ROCKED SO GOOD!!!! Last night was by far the BEST Lep concert I've had the absolute pleasure of being a part of.....I don't know what their secret is, but these 5 guys look better than they have in years - rumour about their having a personal trainer to get keep them in great shape - anybody know anything about this??

Well let me tell you, Joe hasn't looked this good in years, he is slim and gorgeous! Phil....well Phil is always in great shape as we all know, and last night he set the ladies to screeching more than once with his guitar solos a la Phil. Viv was looking really good in his new haircut, it really suits him, although my favourite Viv look is still his really long hair. Viv and Phil did major justice to the band's music last night, they had fists pumping and fans screaming for more, more, MORE!

Rick Allen was his usual smiling and wonderful self, and not because this is my favourite band, honestly this man is in my opinion the best drummer in the world. He has major talent and although it's old news, after losing an appendage in 1984 and becoming a one-armed ThunderGod, his craft has gotten even better. This man ROCKS!! SAV. OMFG!! He was struttin' his white-clad beautiful self to all sides of the stage, stopping to pose for camera shots and making some fortunate fans extremely happy to have the opportunity for such great memories recorded for posterity! Crap he's beautiful!! Oh and at one point near the end of their show, when they were "saying goodbye" but before we roared them back out for the encores, someone threw their brand new Lep ROA t-shirt at Sav. It was so cute, he opened it up, laid it against his body and then gestured with shrugs that "but I AM in the band, thank you but one of YOU should have this", and he threw it to a fan that didn't have one. It was so cute the way he did it, LOL!

The entire band were animated and moving around the stage continuously, never letting up for even a moment. How long have they been on this tour now? HAH!! You'd have thought it was their first gig, they were so ALIVE! Joe's voice was in surprisingly great shape for being this far into the tour, which was a thrill for us! By this time it's often scratchy and shredded, NOT that it takes away from the greatness of the man!

The Edmonton crowd..........we did not disappoint the Lepps!! They brought the house down and we never ever let up! There were times the band just shook their heads and gave us a clap, because the roar from us fans just didn't stop. They gave it to us good, so we gave it right back to them really good. The energy and excitement in that huge venue last night was keenly high voltage, and I was almost in tears more than once just from the emotion of it all.

THIS BAND ROCKED OUR SOCKS OFF!! Please don't even ask me what the line-up was, I cannot tell you, other than I sang every word and damn near put my knee out from dancing. The song "Rock On"??? I looked so forward to that, and I was not disappointed - it was the highlight for me, I think. That and a couple of their own "air punching" songs that I love to rock to ....oh man I can't believe I managed to even get to sleep this morning.

Okay to change bands for just a moment - if anybody out there wants a very, very pleasant suprise if you don't know Tea Party, and if you liked Jim Morrison's sound from The Doors....... you will LOVE Tea Party! This band opened for our Lepps last night, and really they could be the headliner themselves. I knew I liked their songs but had no idea what kind of live on stage band they were going to be. Holy crap they are GREAT!! Myself and the ladies I went with were looking at each other during their show saying, "I think I'm going out to buy their latest CD!!" After the shows were over and thousands were filing out of the venue, there were people at the doors handing out little cards for getting Tea Party's latest CD at a discounted price. I can't find mine now though, dammit!! No matter, I'm still going to purchase it, I love these guys! Holy crap their lead singer is S-E-X-Y!!! And honest to God he really sounds a lot like Jim Morrison, only better, if that makes sense! This band has been around for 15 years now and their popularity was very evident with the fans they had there last night.

I stood in a huge line up (one of many) and got myself a coveted Lep tshirt, I chose the Rock Of Ages with the Union Jack circle like the front of the ROA CD on the front, and the Tour Destinations on the back, including our Edmonton's date! WooHoo! AND... I treated myself and bought a Def Leppard black ball cap too! What a Show! What a Night To Remember! I Love Def Leppard With All My Heart an Soul!! Until later, PEACE to you all, take care of each other, and ROCK ON!!


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