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Saturday, 6th August 2005

Eastlake, OH - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Roberta

Happy Birthday to me!!! Wow, what a night. My husband and I got to the park about 6pm and there was already a ton of people on the field. I managed to sneak up to the 3rd row on Viv and Sav's side. The sound was excellent, the looked great and they really looked like they were having fun. A couple of highlights: 1) Let's get rocked 2) Rock on - wow and wow again!!! 3) Rock of ages, and 4) PSSOM. I took a lot of pics, maybe some came out.... All in all, best night of my life!!!

Fan Review - By Debbie

This was show was even better than South Bend's. Instead of trying to get down by the stage we decided to take a seat in the bleachers. It was probably better that way because I had my youngest sons (12 and 10) with me. My husband was too tired to get up close, oh well. The really neat thing about this show was they had a screen in the background (between Viv and Sav), and they were showing Joe and parts of videos. It was hard to see where we were sitting, so I am assuming it is to coincide with their 25 years of being together. I would love for them to put out a DVD with how it was shot. The set list was the same as it had been for the South Bend show. It would have been nice if they had changed it around some. Not many people knew No Matter What, but tons of people knew Rock On. There were people of all ages there. I think the majority of the people were there for the Leps though. There was more noise for Def Leppard!! I hated to see it end, but they did a fantastic job playing.

Fan Review - By xcitable

We got there about 1:00 the show was to start at 6:30 but general admission you want a good spot for the show! We got there and were sitting in line when they came out and told us disposable cameras are ok to bring in so I sent my husband to go buy one around the corner not knowing there was no place like that to buy a camera but he saw the field and they were working on the platform for the stage front too go over there and watch so me and my daughter went over there and two guys were there talking about contest winners being there by 2:00, the one guy walked away and the other came up to the fence and asked us if we were contest winners I said no we can't get Cleveland stations out where we live so he went over to the other guy and told him and that guy invited us down to listen to DL's sound check.

They had 35 contest winners and only a few showed up for the sound check, the fools but that's alright I'll take their place any day!!!!! So we go down to the stage and their Vivian and Rick testing out their equipment then here comes Joe he walked around a little and made noises in the mike to test the sound then Phil came out about 5 min. later then Sav they jammed A little then played Promises and Hysteria then we were shuttled back up to the lines out front to cook in the heat for 3 more hours. They put on a great show again and promised not to forget us the next time they come around!!!

Fan Review - By Theresa

Well just got back from the Eastlake Ohio concert and all i can say is wow. Band look great and played great, song list set same as the others. This Review is by Terry and Tero and we both agree with this review.

The opening act was quite good actually enjoyed them. they play several songs. Then on came Bryan Adams he did a very very good job rocking the crowd got everyone into most all his songs. Invited a female fan to sing a duet with him on stage and we both thought that was very cool. Had a couple a things happen when a female kept trying to get all her friends to the front of the stage. I stop her once and someone else tried to stop her the second time. she was a real B****.

Was on Viv's and Savs side of the stage. The boys rocked there hearts out. They did an excellent Job on No Matter What and Rock On. The crowd was into the whole show so that pleased us very much. And it was a packed stadium. Phil had his shirt off by the 3rd song and Viv as well. Had a couple of other things happen on lady look like she injuried her leg and Another on had a sugar attack she was fine and came back a rock with the rest of us. Got some pics so when they get developed with try and put them up for all to see. For those who do not have tickets yet for this please please get them its well worth it and then some.

Fan Review - By terrortwins4ever

Hi everyone, for me being a veteran of Def Lep concerts, I thought the show was AWESOME. I have never been to a bad show and I have seen them since their High-n-Dry tour. I stood way back on the level where all the vendors were right before you descended the stairs to the field. Perfect view and just had the best time. Who cares if they didn't play long enough, I could never criticise any band that has more talent than me to get out there every night and rock like they do, and still be rockin after all these years. Def Leppard is and always will be the most awesome and talented band in my book and I have the utmost respect for them for never giving up on Rick Allen and for going on when Steve passed (god rest his soul) and all the other trials and tribulations that they have been through. DEF LEPPARD ROCKS AMERICA AND ALWAYS WILL. Peace and see you at the next show.

Fan Review - By Amy

The August 6th concert at Eastlake, Ohio was the ninth or tenth concert of theirs I've been to. I just LOVED it. I always go to see them (they are the only ones I will still buy concert tickets for!) but I really enjoyed having Bryan Adams with them.

However, this was by far the BEST concert I've ever been to. The reason being - I got to meet them!!! Well, I got to meet Vivian and Rick Allen at a meet and greet before the show (thanks MAL!!!) and I also got to briefly meet and speak to Phil. They were all so nice. Viv and Rick were a little more laid back, but super nice guys to talk with. Phil was a bit more energetic and very nice. I'd read on a lot of boards about how nice Phil can be, and I can tell you first hand, he is. Very pleasant, all smiles, and just nice to talk to. I also got to meet Malvin Mortimer, their tour manager and all I can say is, he is AWESOME. He was incredibly busy, but still took the time to come out and meet us and say hello. Very, very nice man. I also briefly got to see Joe. He's a lot taller than I ever imagined he was. He popped his head out, waved hello and went back into the dressing room. I never got to meet Sav, so I guess there always is 'a next time'. :)

It was obvious that the Eastlake fans were there for the Leps. However, I thought Bryan Adams did an amazing show as well. He brought a gal up on stage to sing with him and although she wasn't the best vocalist in the world, she did an amazing job. She had a ton of energy and knew all the words and I was impressed. Don't think I could have done that! The Leps show started out like others with Action and it just rocked from there. Anytime the song "Women" starts, I get goosebumps because I just love the song. I think the real highlight of the night was their version of "Rock On" the place went NUTS and it just got louder and crazier after that!! By the time "Photograph" came on the place was in a frenzy! We went with some friends who wanted to sit in the seats, so we did. I'm glad we did that because reading some of the reviews (on the Leps site) from people who were down in the 'pit' it got a bit crazy and pushy and some people got hurt. I don't think the Eastlake security did their job in counting people to be down there, because it just seemed like too many. Although, I thought the stage was way too far out in center field. I thought it would be right be behind second base and it should have been - I think more people would have sat in the seats. The stage was just too far out and there was too much open room between the pit and the seats. However, the music is the main focus and it just rocked. They sounded great!.


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